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The Grandfather Paradox and ways to avoid it

If you traveled in time and killed your grandfather before your father or mother was conceived. would you die automatically? Know the grandfather paradox

The Grandfather Paradox and ways to avoid it

Basically, because neither your father nor your mother would have been born, and therefore neither you. Do you remember in “Back to the future” when Marty disappears from the photograph?

It is what is known in science as the grandfather paradox and we will try to explain it in the simplest and least scientific way.

It turns out that science has so far said that what you see in “Back to the Future”, in addition to a work of fiction, would not be realistic according to quantum physics.

First because, on paper, it is not possible,

Second because if it was possible to make some kind of time travel, any change made in that past, would occur in a different reality – call it an alternative timeline other than the one you come from and even if you killed your grandfather, you will not disappear.

You would disappear in that reality to which you would have traveled, but not in your reality.

For that same reason, if you traveled in time to try to prevent some tragedy, you would not get it because it would only change in that reality, and not in the past and present that you have known and would have no consequences in your future.

Yes in the present to which you have traveled and yes in the future to which you have traveled, but it would be different! So, the answer to the question is: no, you would not die.

But, of course, for that, we must assume that as quantum physics points out there are parallel universes. And the problem with this is that there is no proof, at the moment.

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This is, more or less the quorum – to call it somehow -, explained quickly and easily, and it is also the physical theory on which science fiction films are beginning to be based.

The Grandfather Paradox and ways to avoid it

What if there were no parallel universes, and if there was only one? Well, someone has also bothered to think about it and even do simulations with a computer program.

The solution to the Grandfather Paradox

Three years ago, the investigations of Doron Friedman, a computer scientist at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (Israel), made headlines.

Friedman raised a simplified version of the grandfather paradox, in which the traveler, yes, goes back in time, but kills his own father, instead of his grandfather.

Basically, Friedman asked the program: if the son travels in time and kills his father, is there any chance that he was conceived?

The algorithm analyzed thousands of possible scenarios to find those that were “logically consistent”, come on, where the murderer’s actions will not erase him from existence. And, apparently, he found several possible solutions, although Friedman only describes two of them:

One: The son becomes his own grandfather (we are going to call it puag theory)

Friedman’s program says that the son becomes his own grandfather. After going back in time and killing his young father, he begets a child who later becomes his father, another George.

Then he would have to get that child to curl up with his grandmother and father his father, which would require Cersei’s own conspiracies.

Two: The father is also capable of time travel (we will call it WTF theory)

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The second solution of the computer is the most interesting. The problem is that it only works if the father also has the ability to travel in time.

The program told Friedman that the father could travel to the future, exactly travel one year, make his wife pregnant, and return to the past that is when his son arrives and kills him. Pum, the paradox disappears.


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