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Strange blue lights appear in the skies around the world

Strange blue lights were captured on cameras, appearing in the skies of Spain, the United States and Australia.

Strange blue lights appear in the skies around the world
Blue light shot in Australia.

A video from the city of Madrid, Spain, shows a part of the clouds at night turning blue over the apartment buildings.

The light appears and disappears for more than seven minutes. Since filming began on March 20, dozens of people have reported seeing something similar.

Strange blue lights appear in the skies around the world
Blue light shot in New York.

Another video recorded on April 1st appears to show exactly the same lights, this time over the Queens neighborhood in New York City, USA.

The YouTube channel, _shafasgachaworld _kittykat_, asked if it was “something paranormal”, but no one was able to explain it.

Arriving on Reddit four days ago, user / wizvrdhd posted three images of the strange blue light above Pennsylvania.

He wrote:

I had posted about a big bang heard in 3-5 municipalities in PA two weeks ago, these lights were seen soon after.

Now I’m seeing more posts about these blue lights popping up all over the world.

And another Redditor posted a photo of a blue light surrounded by dots hovering in the sky in Western Australia.

Strange blue lights appear in the skies around the world
This image shows dots around blue light in Australia (Image: REDDIT / McCauleyFalcon146)

It is not completely clear what these lights are. In the past, similar points have been attributed to lanterns emanating from clubs and nightclubs on the floor.

But with most countries in the world in a strict block during the coronavirus pandemic, this seems unlikely.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to offer their explanations in the comment sections for many of the posts.

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One wrote:

My thinking is that they are not aliens, but new government technologies being tested.

Another suggested:

Perhaps it has something to do with the most recent Elon Musk.

But a third viewer might have a more understandable explanation.

He said the lights could appear naturally due to something called a piezoelectric effect.

He wrote:

If large slabs of quartz crystal in the earth’s crust compress at a specific angle, a large electric field generates a local equivalent of an aurora in the sky above.

This can be observed very rarely (the required compression angle is specific) during the period of major earthquakes.

Strange blue lights appear in the skies around the world
A witness saw the lights above Pennsylvania (Image: REDDIT / wizvrdhd)

The USA has been hit by several earthquakes in the past few weeks, but mostly along the west coast. Spain and Australia also had no earthquakes, which perhaps raises questions about scientific explanation.

With the world in confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, UFO sightings have reached a 30-year high.


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