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Not sleep paralysis, but something more sinister

It seems that there really is something that penetrates our world at night and likes to come into your bedroom and scare you, because your fear feeds it.

Shadow in the corner

This story was published on the website of The Paranormal Society and began when its author began to get involved in occultism, bought and read many books on this topic. And once he noticed that something strange was happening around him – the whole atmosphere in his room seemed to become heavier, and when night fell, the room became colder and much darker than before.

At the same time, it was summer outside, the evenings were habitually stuffy and warm, so it was difficult to explain such a phenomenon simply by climate peculiarities. And it really did not depend on the weather, because it went on all summer, all autumn, all winter and spring.

When summer came again, something changed again and again for the worse. When the author of the story accidentally woke up at night, he noticed something rounded and dark in the corner of his bedroom. Every night it increased in size and now has “crawled” into the ceiling, similar to the shadow of the tentacles of an octopus.

The author did not understand where this shadow came from; he rearranged the furniture in the room, but the shadow did not change and did not disappear. The author comforted himself for a long time with the fact that there was a simple and logical explanation for all this until the climax.

“This shadow today seemed more“ thick” than ordinary shadows and looked like a puddle of spilled coffee. And so I laid to bed and tried to fall asleep, sometimes opening and closing my eyes. And I suddenly noticed that with every opening of my eyes, the shape of the shadow on the ceiling changing and it seems to creep in my direction.

At one point, it crawled to the foot of my bed and I was very scared looking at it. And then it “poured” into me and I felt unnaturally empty, cold, hungry and angry. And then I realized that this creature is a demon and that it is directly related to all that occult nonsense that I read.

I pulled the blanket over my head, turned on the Christian radio, and began to pray like crazy. It seems like it worked and the demon left me. And he never returned again. I’m sure what I saw. ”

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With a hole in the face

The following eyewitness story was told on the site “Your Ghost Stories” by a user with the nickname “RhythmSnail”. According to him, this happened in the city of Perth, in the west of Australia, in the house where he lived with his mother.

Strange things were observed in the author’s house before, although his mother never spoke about them, but he understood this. Once at night, he began to notice that something from the darkness was staring at him, and sometimes he caught the movement of a creature with peripheral vision. And then, that very nightly event happened that the author will never forget:

“I woke up and saw that the door to my room was wide open, which had never happened, I always close it. And, to my horror, I saw in the doorway a low figure, similar to a thick shadow of a person. At first I decided that this is my little sister (in fact, she slept in my mother’s bed that night) and I, rising on the bed, asked my sister by name.

The creature did not answer to me, but suddenly ran quickly from the door straight to my bed, right to my face! In horror, I looked at its dark face, which had no eyes or nose, only a wide open dark hole, probably a mouth. I froze in place with fear, looking at the creature, as it was staring at me. It lasted a few seconds.

Finally my stupor disappeared and I sharply swung my arms and legs at this creature, and it made a frightening sound, like a cry of pain, and dissipated. This cry then deeply sank into my head, as if it made some sense. The hair on my head stood on their ends, and my heart was pounding.

I do not know what it was. Could it be a demon? And I do not know what it wanted. I was very scared and then again and again, I’ve been seeing these shadowy humanoid creatures with the peripheral vision. Also, I repeatedly woke up from the fact that someone called me by name, and sometimes I heard this voice even in the afternoon, when I did not sleep, and it also spoke my name. And sometimes something touched me, but I didn’t see anyone.”

Figures in the room

The following story came from a Reddit user with the nickname “P3rspective”. One night he woke up abruptly for no apparent reason, and then saw something abnormal in his bedroom:

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“I was lying in bed and saw that there were three figures in the center of my room, and from somewhere above came a dim blue light. I don’t remember what they said, or rather one of them said something, turning to me.

I remember how its mouth moved and it did not look human at all, and his jaw was pulled far forward much more than that of people. Their mouth and eyes were black, not pitch black, but rather greyish and I could see teeth and other details in their mouths. He said something about the fact that they will be here the next few days.

Then, as if for the second time, I woke up and now I saw how several dark, elongated. like a dart bodies, flew under the ceiling of the room. It hovered over my bed in the corner and then above me. From this I felt an intense sense of fear and heaviness, I sat frozen still for several minutes. ”

Creature on a tree

Another user of the Reddit website with the nickname “JllFucherina” told a story that happened to her when she was 12 years old. She just like that one night suddenly woke up and immediately felt cheerful, without drowsiness and lethargy:

“I was lying on my back and when I opened my eyes, I stared at the other pair of eyes. This creature was sitting outside a window on a tree and looked like a demon. It had cat-like eyes, huge, yellow and with pupils outstretched.

The body was not very large, but very skinny, and the dark skin looked uneven and flaky. It sat with its legs pulled up to its chest, and a long visual contact with this creature was imprinted in my memory for a long time. Even twenty years later, I still see it so vividly, as if it is now sitting in front of me.

I felt fear and threat, it did not move at all, and I do not remember how this eye contact ended. It is likely that I just fell back into bed and fell asleep or mesmerizing it. I knew that it’s not a dream because it was too real. ”

Red eyes

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The following story came from the Ghost Village website from an author who was 8 or 9 years old when this happened.

“That night I slept in my grandmother’s bed and suddenly woke up in the middle of the night from a strong cold. When I looked at the bedroom door, I saw a dark male figure there. At first I thought it was my dad, but then I saw he had long hair.

The figure looked like a shadow, but it had a bright white radiant aura and red eyes. I was scared to death and I was especially afraid that the figure would see me now (when I looked at it, it looked the other way). So I climbed under the covers and tried to convince myself to fall asleep. The next morning, my sister told me that at night she felt something incomprehensible in the house, and I told her about what I saw.

My father, being a skeptic, said that it was just a dream and that I was very tired, so I had nightmares. But I remember that I did not sleep. My mother immediately believed me, because in her family, too, they had previously seen different paranormal things.”


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