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Huge planet-sized objects travel through our Solar System

Several days ago, NASA’s heliospheric observatory, or the STEREO-A H2 spacecraft, captured images of a huge object flying at high speed through space near the sun.

Also thanks to the review of the images obtained by NASA, through the recordings of the SOHO STEREO, LASCO C2, LASCO C3 probes and other tools to monitor our solar system, you can see the different types of unidentified objects. The objects have different shapes and sizes. UFOs are found in various places in space and pass through the center of our solar system.

This is not the first time that an unidentified flying object has been seen passing through an area near the Sun, and although NASA is aware of these UFOs flying around the Sun, they do not want to talk about it.

The video below shows a UFO in its normal form and close-ups when it travels at incredible speed through space.


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