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Huge 300km diameter anomaly “detected” over Mexico?

Huge 300km diameter anomaly "detected" over Mexico? 33

The anomaly would have been registered on September 1 over Mexico, when meteorological radars detected a huge donut-shaped “object”.

Huge 300km diameter anomaly "detected" over Mexico? 34

At least that is how it is reflected in a video that has been viralized in the last hours on Twitter, where the record supposedly obtained for that day by the Windy website is shown.

Windy is a Czech company that offers interactive weather forecast services around the world.

«Around 8:30 an object appeared that changed its morphology, its shape and its movement. I don’t know what the hell it is, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a mistake »says a content creator on YouTube.

Many speculate that it may be a huge UFO camouflaged from view but could be detected by the tools of the meteorological satellite.

However, since the Windy website deletes the records every 12 hours and so far it has not been possible to obtain the file for September 1, the possibility that it is a fake cannot be ruled out.

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Other YouTube users comment again that CERN is the culprit behind the anomalies that can be captured on weather radars.

Some investigators of the conspiracy issue say that it could be The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP which as many know is a program funded by the United States Air Force and Navy, (HAARP a weapon that can control the weather and cause natural disasters around the world).

We know that CERN has been working on obtaining dark matter for some years, but also on creating dimensional postcards.

Could this anomaly have been caused by CERN? What’s your opinion about it?


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