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Celestial jellyfish – messengers of aliens? A mass loss of livestock in the UK is associated with their appearance

In 2014, a series of strange events took place in the English county of Shropshire. On June 17, in the sky above the farming village of Chetwynd, several people observed an object that looked like a jellyfish with a dome consisted of a whitish-blue substance. Thin, long “tentacles” or rays stretched down for tens of meters. 

This UFO was in sight for only a few seconds, after which it made several movements and began to flicker until it completely disappeared from view.

Three days later, residents of neighboring settlements also began to report a similar creature in the sky. The rumor about the mysterious phenomenon grew rapidly, but a month later no one remembered about it. The UFO did not reappear until September 7 of that year.

Shropshire farmer Phil Hole, 53, said he found 12 dead sheep one morning. All animals were missing internal organs, although there were no injuries on the body, with the exception of two holes in the frontal part of the head and on the left side of the belly. The size of the holes did not exceed 1 centimeter in diameter. Naturally, criminologists and the police arrived at the scene of the crime.

The result of the autopsy showed that there was practically no blood left in the bodies of the dead sheep. She was literally kicked out. In addition, in an absolutely incomprehensible way, many of the internal organs, including the heart and brain, were removed. In the bones of animals, many minerals were absent – zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, because of this they were blackened and very fragile. The conclusion of the experts turned out to be unambiguous – the sheep were injured by a high-tech method. How exactly is unknown.

It should be noted that such cases of detection of cattle killed in this way are not uncommon. For example, in the 70s of the last century there was a real boom among farmers in the United States, Mexico and South America. In those days, hundreds of cattle died a similar death. All attempts to accuse Satanists of torturing animals have failed. Any examination was faced with the fact that it could not explain the method of extracting blood, minerals from the skin and bones, as well as the organs of cows, llamas, sheep and horses.

Phil Hole decided to look into the situation himself after the police failed to find the perpetrators. The farmer began to collect information and communicate with neighbors – maybe someone saw something. And as it turns out, they did. At around 4:00 a.m., a local postman watched two jellyfish-like objects fly out of the woods. They stopped over a barn with sheep and literally flew into the building through the roof. The man saw nothing else.

Jellyfish UFO .
Jellyfish UFO. 

Colleagues in misfortune began to turn to Phil Hole. It turned out that across the UK in 2014, more than 250 animals died inexplicably. Farmers even turned to the government with a request to do something about this situation. 

The last such incident occurred on October 30, 2014 in Wales. Since then, the UK is no longer feverish from the unexplained loss of livestock.

Local ufologists believe that aliens are the culprit. With the help of their probes, they collect biomaterial for any purpose. If so, then the postman could indeed have seen the attack on the livestock with his own eyes. 

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But for farmers, the fact that a potential culprit is found does not make it any easier. They will not receive any compensation for their sacrifices.


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