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The history of the Papuan velociraptor. What is known about the dinosaur that many witnesses say has survived to this day?

In 1980, during an expedition to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, researchers discovered the carcass of a dinosaur cub with traces of severe decomposition. An analysis of the bone tissue suggested that the cub of a Velociraptor relative fell into the hands of scientists. 

By the way, in 1982, a member of that expedition was deprived of the status of a scientist and expelled from the scientific community. The reason for this was the fact that she sought recognition of the results of the analysis and the existence of small dinosaurs in Papua New Guinea. As a result, the whole story was declared a fake.

This is what Velociraptors looked like in ancient times.
This is what Velociraptors looked like in ancient times. Photo:

The next burst of Velociraptor news from that country came in 1989. Then the Swedish-British-French expedition visited the northern regions of Papua New Guinea. They did not see a dinosaur, but it so happened that a certain predator seriously injured two villagers and tore to pieces more than 50 domestic animals and birds. 

The Europeans, dumbfounded by this news, tried to find out who attacked the village inhabitants. Despite some difficulties in communication, it was possible to find out that outwardly the creature looked like a bipedal lizard with a brown skin. The head is snake-like, elongated, with many small sharp teeth. The front legs are small, but with powerful hooked claws. When the victims were asked to draw the one who attacked them, they depicted a creature very similar to a small tyrannosaurus rex. And again, that story was hushed up.

A similar story happened in 1995 in a coastal settlement in the south of the country where resourceful residents used torches, and the attacker fled without causing any damage. The fact that these animals are afraid of fire speaks of their natural origin. It is indirectly proven that the cryptid from Papua New Guinea is the fruit of evolution, and not an alien or the result of biological experiments. Such versions were expressed by many researchers in the 1990s.

This is how the modern descendant of these creatures is described.
This is how the modern descendant of these creatures is described. Photo:

In 2008, a small dinosaur was even captured on camera. Again, a flurry of discussions arose, but in the end, the academic elite considered that there was little evidence to recognize the videotape as real. In other words, more detailed, clear and irrefutable evidence is needed. 

The story didn’t end in 2008 at all. Over the past ten years in Papua New Guinea, there are 2-3 encounters with these creatures in the jungle every year. Local researchers from the capital’s university are sure that the population of these creatures exceeds the number of owl parrots and other endangered animal species. 

This conclusion was made after about 200 people out of 6,000 interviewed residents of villages stated that they were witnesses of encounters with living dinosaurs. 

An interesting fact: during the survey, residents pointed to the same external features and details of the creature. It turns out that a small descendant of dinosaurs may well live in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

A screen with a supposedly running baby dinosaur.
A screen with a supposedly running baby dinosaur. 

In 2021, a professor at the University of Papua New Guinea depicted this creature in as much detail as possible. Its height reaches 65-70 centimeters, and the length from the muzzle to the tip of the tail is more than 130 centimeters. They live in groups of 3-6 individual predators. They emit a hiss, which in case of danger turns into a screech. They move very quickly. Males are smaller than females. The color is brown with a yellowish neck and belly. On the front paws, there are 4-5 cm powerful claws. 

The professor believes that to prove they are real, it is enough to find a non-petrified skull of one of these creatures. Therefore, there is no point in putting yourself in danger while catching these ferocious predators.

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