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Do Aliens use an ancient “control mechanism” to manipulate physical and cognitive environments?

In June, investigative reporter Tim McMillan told Basement Office host Steven Greenstreet, that a source within the intelligence / aerospace world claimed UFOs “They weren’t flying saucers, they weren’t ticking… they were something that possessed the ability to skillfully influence your mind on:” See what makes sense to you..”

Two years earlier, a leaked slide from the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP, suggested that the phenomenon may “manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate US structures, influence decision makers and compromise national security ”.

Tom DeLonge, from To The Stars Academy working with AATIP veterans, has recently suggested they could represent a disturbing and ancient “control mechanism”. Something that Jacques Vallée has speculated in the past.

Could all this be related? Could UFOs – the flaming castles of the 1700s, the ghost airships of 1897 and saucers and more modern UFOs TIC TAC – present themselves differently depending on the time period? And do the objectives of the phenomenon change over time?

Or … could humanity unknowingly lead these changes in UFO appearances? Watch the video for a complete look at what is probably the most disturbing explanation of the phenomenon that is showing various facets.


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