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Repeated Numbers: The Meaning of Dreams in Numerology

Knowing what those who are in other dimensional planes have to tell us is one of the things most desired by human beings, so we have always sought a way to communicate with these entities.

Angels and beings of light use various means to communicate with us, dreams, through seers and signals in our world, but one of the most common ways in which they send us information is the numerical sequences that we can observe in our daily life or in our dreams and that sometimes we miss, thus losing the opportunity to have a contact with these worlds. Let’s see what these sequences of repeated numbers are and what they mean so that when they appear in your life you are prepared.

Repeating numbers, angels and clock hours

The angels try to have permanent communication with us through numbers, this because mathematics is the language of universes and dimensions and through them we are going to teach you how they do these communications and what they are trying to tell us. You must understand that you are not alone in this world, they guide you through other dimensions and the information they do not reveal can be of great help to us throughout our lives.

In most of the times we do not pay attention to the details or we let a dream pass as a simple experience after the rest, but the reality is that angels and beings of light do their best to get our attention and we usually confuse those signals with coincidences. Another form of communication that angels use are the hours of the clock, in them we can see numerical sequences that can serve as a signal to identify the way forward in our life.

Next we will analyze some of the most common numerical sequences that can occur in your life through dreams and the meaning of the clock hours in each of them according to the message that the angels want to send you, if your messages contain two or more number mixes these analyzes according to the sequence of the numbers to have a more accurate result.

11 11 Meaning 111 and 1111 in numerology

If you have dreamed of the number 11 repeated in several sequences, then you must be attentive to your thoughts, you must not have negative ideas, you must keep in your mind what you want and keep away from it those things that you stretched out. This sequence is a very clear message that there is a wealth of opportunities opening up in your life and that your positive thoughts and desires are beginning to materialize in the physical world at an exponential rate.

The number 111 has a very positive meaning in your life, it is as if the universe is photocopying your wishes and desires in the physical world. If this is your case, we recommend you go to a seer to guide you how you can communicate with your beings of light and make the most of this message that they are giving you for your life, see which are the best Spanish seers to help you.

22 222 Meaning in my life 2222

The number 2 repeated several times means that you are in the right direction to achieve your dreams but that there are still some elements to be combined from the universe to make them a reality. However, you should not be discouraged because, on the contrary, 22 indicates that you are already in the process of building this positive result for your life and 222 tells you that it will be very soon, it is only necessary that you continue to maintain positive energy and thoughts focused on it. objective so that your most desired desires are finally crystallized.

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So when you look at the clock and the number you see is 22:22, immediately check your last thought before looking at the time, so you will know what you must keep in mind so that your wishes are fulfilled, you will realize that the result is impressive .

33 333 Neurological significance 3333

This number is a message from the so-called ascended Masters, they want to tell you that they are by your side and that you have them to guide you, they are manifesting when you see the sequence of 3 repeated. The number 333 is interpreted as a positive response from the universe who, through the ascended masters, are confirming the positive result of those questions that you may have in your life. As an exercise, think of something you want and ask a question about it, after that begin to identify signs in your dreams, the time of the clock or nature where you can identify the number sequence, if it is a sequence of 3 then the cosmos will give you He is answering “yes” and continues on that path.

44 444 or 4444 Meaning Angels

The angels are with you, they surround you, they are showing you that you have their help so that you begin to fulfill your wishes, this number is a clear message that the angels are very close to you at that moment and if the number 444 comes out after you have asked your inner self a question, you can understand that the answer is a resounding “NO” from the cosmos to the ideas you have. You must be very careful to have negative or tragic thoughts when you see that number sequence of 4 because it is not good for your future, always remember to keep positive thoughts.

5 55 Meaning 555 Numerology

To prepare, if you see this number in your dreams or it crosses your path it is a sign of an important change in your life, it would not be clear if it is positive or negative because finally all change generates evolution. Regardless of the case or the nature of the change, the important thing is that the angels are warning you that an important cycle is about to end and a new one begins, so it is on your part to make the most of it so that it becomes something very positive. for you.

66 666 or 6666 Meaning dreams

This number that already has quite a bad reputation, is a sign that the superficial governs your thoughts currently, you are not focused on the harmony of your spirit but on giving pleasure to your senses at any cost. the message the angels give by showing you this number sequence of 6 is that you must find a balance in your life by balancing heaven and earth. Serving others and cultivating your spirit will bring you as a result everything material you want, so the angels are telling you.

Repeated numbers sequence of 7 77 777 7777

This number is extraordinary, it tells you that you are on the right track and that the angels are very pleased with your thoughts and actions. It also indicates that a very good miracle is about to happen in your life and the angels are announcing it to you. This sequence of number 7 opens the way for good things.


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