The social isolation caused by the covid-19 pandemic changed the urban landscapes of all the major cities in the world. But beyond these, rural areas on various parts of the planet also abandoned their usual activity. In China’s Yunan province, this setting was the ideal setting for 14 elephants to enter a farm and drink hundreds of liters of alcohol.

The group of mammals took advantage of the human quarantine to go into this field in southwest China in search of some food. When they did not find it, the animals settled for consuming an important reserve of the typical corn liquor of the area: in total, they drank 30 kilos of the fermented vegetable.

The most pleasant of the news is that in addition to the disappearance of the corn ferment, the 14 elephants were found sleeping in a tea field, very close to where they drank the liquor. In the photos, which went viral very quickly, the animals can be seen resting on the crop.

The impact of the pandemic on the animal world had different repercussions. In the Italian city of Venice, for example, the channels are more crystalline than ever and already have the presence of fish and birds that stroll calmly without fear of tourists and boats.

Social networks were filled with photos and videos where users show the incredible change of this place. «The lagoon appropriates Venice, without downloads and without traffic, you can see the bottom of the canals. We should reflect on the exploitation of tourist tourism in Venice, “wrote Palli Caponeraunto along with one of the images captured in recent days.