The great astronomer Carl Sagan encouraged people to engage in science and leave behind any archaic errors. Sagan said that a scientist differs from a believer in that he is able to recognize the fallacy of his own beliefs and continue to work without losing heart.

Karl Sagan

“Faith in God is based on childish naivety. People want to think that there is some great “creator” who constantly thinks about humanity and protects from any dangers. I’m not against the fact that children believe in Santa Claus, but adults in some kind of God, ”Sagan said.

However, not all people have enough blind faith to feel comfortable. Many people need convincing scientific evidence in order to accept some information or objectively refute it. Scientists do not have enough text to be issued as a fact and no matter how many thousands of years it is.

“Life is a fleeting glimpse in the darkness of the amazing Universe and it’s sad to see how many people spend this time on fantasies that some earthly reward or punishment awaits them. Instead of enjoying life, they plan the unknown after, ”Sagan reasoned.

“All religions of the world contradict each other, but at the same time, each of the parties is convinced that the truth is precisely behind them. In science, this is not and cannot be. Can you imagine the math that would be different in all countries? Could you give examples of different laws of physics? ”Added Karl Sagan.