University of Connecticut physics professor Ronald Mallett in an interview for CNN declared that brought an equation that can lay the foundation for creating a time machine.

Physicist Ronald Mallett

In addition, the sixth year scientist is working on a prototype.

Mallett’s colleagues are skeptical and believe that nothing will come of it.

To understand the principle of operation of the Mallett machine (let’s call it that), you need to understand the fact arising from Einstein’s special theory of relativity: time accelerates or decelerates depending on the speed of the object.

For example, for a person aboard a spacecraft flying at near-light speed, time would go slower than for a person on Earth. Such an astronaut could have spent only a few days in space, and when he returned home, he would have known that the Earthlings had already celebrated the New Year 10 times. It turns out that he has moved to the future.

Physicists agree that travel to the future is possible, but to the past … however, Mallett is confident that this problem can be solved with lasers.

The physicist explained that massive objects bend space-time – an effect that we perceive as gravity. The stronger gravity, the stronger the effect of time dilation (therefore, when it falls into a black hole, it stops).

“If you deliberately distort space, then at some point it can be twisted. As you know, space and time are indivisible elements of the universe. Whatever you do with space, it will immediately reflect on time, ”said Mallett.

Ronald Mallett believes that space can be twisted into a loop, which will allow you to travel to the past. He even promised to soon show how lasers will help achieve this goal.

“Ring lasers can help create artificial gravitational fields. Humanity is able to create a time machine that works on the principle of circulating light, ”the physicist added.

Simply put, Mallett suggests using lasers to accelerate or slow down objects.

Physicist Ronald Mallett

If you can accelerate to near-light speed, you can rush into the future. If you can slow down to a negative speed, then you can move into the past.

Scientists generally are indifferent to Mallett’s statements, since the idea of ​​a trip to the past is irrational.