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Antigravity, “unearthly officers” and UFOs. The history of the loudest Pentagon hacking

Antigravity, "unearthly officers" and UFOs. The history of the loudest Pentagon hacking 31

A Scottish hacker who became interested in the Disclosure project hacked the Pentagon and NASA computers over the course of the year in search of classified information about UFOs.

In early 2001, Scottish hacker Gary Mackinon first hacked into one of the computers of the US Department of Defense. Later, for 13 months, he invaded the systems of the Pentagon and NASA in search of top-secret materials about UFOs. This story has become one of the most high-profile hacker scandals in the entire digital age.

The saga of issuing a hacker in the United States dragged on for a decade, with pop stars and leading politicians supporting him. But most importantly, Mackinon is sure that in these classified materials he found irrefutable evidence of the existence of aliens.

Disclosure Project

Antigravity, "unearthly officers" and UFOs. The history of the loudest Pentagon hacking 32

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In 1993, physician and ufologist Stephen Greer founded the Disclosure project, which was designed to collect the most reliable evidence of the existence of UFOs. Greer managed to attract enough famous people to work on the project, including former NASA employees, astronauts and some politicians. Thanks to their support, the funding of Lawrence Rockefeller and the careful verification of data, the project has compiled a significant collection of evidence of the observation of unidentified objects or contacts with them.

The project attracted a considerable number of lovers of secrets, riddles and the unknown. It was “Disclosure” that led Gary Mackinon to the computers of NASA and the Department of Defense. By his own admission, having become acquainted with the materials of the project, he finally became convinced that UFOs exist, and the American government does not just hide this fact, but also actively masters alien technologies in order to stay ahead of the whole planet. For evidence, the hacker went directly to the Ministry of Defense system.


Antigravity, "unearthly officers" and UFOs. The history of the loudest Pentagon hacking 33

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In early 2001, Scot Gary Mackinon, who lives in London and works as a system administrator, first entered the American military computer system from his girlfriend’s aunt’s house.

Mackinon created a perl program that allowed him to find computers that had administrator status but no passwords. To his surprise, there were not so few such machines in the Pentagon system. Using remote access, he studied the secret contents of computers at the Pentagon, and then NASA. In order not to be noticed, he did this during those periods when it was already night in the USA.

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However, several times he had overlays when users on the other side noticed his manipulations and he had to quickly disconnect. He invaded the computers of the Pentagon and NASA for 13 months and was so bold that he sometimes even began to leave messages to the owners of cars in which he sarcastically mocked security measures in the United States. But in the spring of 2002, Mackinon was still identified and detained.

The media called him the king of hackers, and the Americans accused him of the biggest hacking of military computers in history.

The truth is somewhere near

Antigravity, "unearthly officers" and UFOs. The history of the loudest Pentagon hacking 34

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U.S. officials accused Mackinon of not only hacking Petagon computers (at least several hundred machines), but also deleting some critical files, making changes that interfered with work, and so on. The hacker himself categorically denied these allegations, claiming that he decided to hack only in order to find out the truth.

The Scot was sure that in the materials of the Pentagon and NASA he would find evidence of the existence of antigravity, zero energy and UFOs. Later in his interviews, Mackinon claimed that he managed to see with his own eyes evidence of the existence of unidentified objects.

Based on the testimonies of Disclosure informants who reported that there was a special database in NASA that stores satellite images made in very high resolution, he was eventually able to find and access this database.

However, at the beginning of zero technologies were still not allowed to get acquainted with them without problems. The hacker used a modem with a speed of 56 kb, while the images stored in the database “weighed” hundreds of megabytes and even for several hours of waiting, he could not download at least one photo in high resolution. He had to look through them in very low quality, but still he managed to find something on one of the photographs that he considered an alien spaceship.

According to him, it was a long cigar-shaped object with geodesic lines on both sides. There were no seams at the facility; it was solid. The picture was taken from the satellite, the cigar-shaped object was lower and, as it were, hovered above the ground. He failed to save the photo, but the hacker was sure that this object was of extraterrestrial origin.

The most important find of Mackinon was the table of some “unearthly officers” (Non-Terrestrial). According to him, this table listed the names and positions of officers, as well as the names of the ships between which communications were made. At the same time, the hacker did not find the names of these ships in any list.

If ufologists have not been surprised for a long time with cigar-shaped objects and other flying saucers, then the mysterious list has become a real treasure for them. Supporters of conspiracy theories immediately began to develop all kinds of versions of what kind of officers they could be. It has been suggested that it could be about the top-secret U.S. space fleet, the colonization of Mars, and even the service of earthlings on alien spaceships as liaison officers or for the exchange of experience and, accordingly, alien officers on Earth.

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The hacker himself suggested that the speech on this list could be about American officers serving on some secret spaceship.

Epic with Extradition

Antigravity, "unearthly officers" and UFOs. The history of the loudest Pentagon hacking 35

Photo © AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth

By the time McKinon was exposed, an extradition treaty between Britain and the United States had entered into force. In accordance with this document, hackers had to transfer to America. However, there was one moment that turned his extradition into an event of national scale. Under British law, a hacker was threatened with no more than 6 months of imprisonment, while under US law he could be in prison for 60 years.

American officials insisted that he not only hacked into the Pentagon’s computers, but also partially disorganized the defense system, causing serious damage and endangering the defense of the state. Therefore, he is one of the most dangerous hackers and must appear before an American court. As for aliens, the Americans believed that he was trying to distract the attention of the public and hide their real motives.

Supporters of Mackinon believed that he made one of the greatest breakthroughs in history and found irrefutable evidence that the United States not only concealed the existence of UFOs, but also possibly came into contact with them.

The British either approved the extradition of Mackinon to the United States, then canceled it. While his work continued, a movement arose in support of the hacker, which was joined by show business stars (Sting, Stephen Fry) and even politicians (Boris Johnson, then the mayor of London, spoke in support of Mackinon).

In addition, doctors revealed that he had Asperger Syndrome (a form of autism), which became an obstacle to extradition. In the end, in the fall of 2012, after a decade of litigation, it was officially announced that Gary Mackinon would not be extradited to the United States. Later it became known that the hacker will not appear in court in Britain.

After the lawsuit ended, the former “king of hackers” became a modest SEO-specialist and provides website promotion services. He still cannot leave Britain, since any country that has an extradition treaty with the United States will have to transfer it to America for trial.

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