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Sun – Stargate: Moon-sized UFO flew out of an intergalactic portal

After the emergence of the hollow earth theory, many conspiracy theorists began targeting the sun, thinking that it could also be hollow. Many independent researchers, including renowned scientists, believe that our Sun is an intergalactic portal through which alien beings travel to the solar system. 

Recently, an interesting video appeared on the Internet. Which shocked space lovers. The video shows an undefined moon-sized object seen near the Sun. Following this incredible video, Hollow Sun became a hot topic of discussion among UFO enthusiasts.

According to a renowned UFO researcher and alien life enthusiast named Scott Waring, the video was captured on March 27, 2021 by the European Sun Observing Satellite (ESA). There is a small burst of solar radiation while watching the video, which seems quite normal. But when zoomed in, a black object could be seen escaping from the Sun during the explosion. It appears that an interdimensional portal has opened through which the spacecraft passed.

In the video, an alleged intergalactic spacecraft bursts out of the Sun

Waring noticed this anomaly while studying video of a solar flare on the Helioviewer website. He firmly believes that it was not just an ordinary explosion on the surface of the Sun, but a real UFO that was seen near him. He wrote on his blog:

I was looking at Helioviewer when I noticed an explosion. When I photographed this place in close-up. I saw a black object fly out of the explosion. Although the video is fast, the time on the computer can be slowed down. Also during the explosion, there were three ripple waves opposite the UFO … the UFO area was the only place where there were no such waves. Scott Waring

Hollow sun theory

Waring said that this is “one hundred percent” proof that aliens live inside our sun. Back in 2009, he created the hollow sun theory when he spotted a UFO flying through the sun. In NASA photos taken with the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). He wrote that this theory is based on encounters with aliens that took place in Rocca Pia, Italy, and lasted three decades.

I learned that all of this is 100% possible from the evidence I gathered while researching the “friendship case” in Rocca Pia, Italy. You see, the aliens told witnesses that the Rocca Pia base was 300 x 300 km long and 300 km wide and 150 km high. It is so huge that sometimes it rains inside. So creating a base or closing it was an easy task for them. Just something to think about the next time NASA / SOHO photographs report a UFO near our Sun. Or when the news reports dark spots (exits). Scott Waring

Astrophysicist Jeffrey Wolinsky put forward the theory of the hollow sun. Assuming that “the sun does not contain an inner core and will contract, cool and collapse on itself. Wolinsky argues that the Sun is much younger than Earth and therefore does not have a core. It will collapse under the influence of gravity until a certain point, until it stabilizes into a solid ball.”

Waring cites many examples to support his hollow sun theory. In 2016, an unusual image of the Sun taken by SOHO was published on the network In which the alien hunter ‘TheWatcher252‘ noticed a bright white shaft on the surface of the Sun. 

Waring became interested in this and suggested that a giant door was opening in the sun, allowing the UFO to penetrate inside, and “the crack shone with the pure white light of the world from within.”

Bright white
The bright white “rip” was noticed by alien hunter TheWatcher252 as he explored the sun. photo:

The sun is a star gate for travel between different worlds

Waring is not the only person who believes that an alien civilization used our Sun as a portal for travel between different worlds. Nassim Haramein, a Swiss scientist and founder of the Resonance Science Foundation, has also theorized that aliens are using the Sun as a portal, traveling to different places in the universe.

According to Haramain, our Sun is a kind of stargate used by alien spaceships for interdimensional travel. And the black spots on its surface are actually small black holes. In his opinion, under certain circumstances, these holes turn into wormholes and they provide space travelers with a good opportunity for intergalactic travel.

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We believe that these objects can be intergalactic ships of an advanced civilization. They appear to be under intelligent control and do not function naturally as we would expect them to. Familiar cosmological objects such as comets, meteorites, etc., solar flare activities are caused by alien ships, a solar flare seems to emanate immediately after the objects collide with the sun.

It is clear to us that these two phenomena are absolutely related, and a solar flare is most likely a shock wave resulting from the penetration of objects against the surface of the sun. 

An alien spacecraft deliberately crashes into the sun, this is an incredible theory. But why would they do it? According to NASA, the answer lies in the astronomical records of the ancient Egyptians. (Haramain said in one of his interviews).

Another interesting theory proposed by Haramein is that every advanced civilization has achieved technology that could harness the power of black holes. Once the black hole is stable enough, he said, it could be used as an interstellar portal. 

The Earth also has a small black hole in the center, which is why UFOs have been recorded on our planet flying inside volcanoes, the gateways to visit the core of the Earth. It should be noted that many ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun and were in contact with the Sun gods.


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