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Jules Verne’s “Nautilus” of the 21st century is here

At a time when tourism sector is developing rapidly, the underwater tourism sector has also begun to acquire great momentum.

In the last year, various submarine models have appeared, impressively in design and technology, which promise a unique experience to those who want to enjoy comfortably and safely a walk under the sea surface.

The latest proposal comes from the Dutch company U-Boat Worx, which specializes in the construction of underwater vehicles. The company unveiled the designs of the Under Water Entertainment Platform (UWEP), a submarine reminiscent of a modern version of the Nautilus, the submarine envisioned by Jules Verne 150 years ago in his book “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.”

UWEP promises safe exploration of the underwater world to 120 passengers who will be able to enjoy the view through the 14 large windows of the boat in a luxurious and comfortable environment. The boat is battery operated and has a range of 24 hours which means that it can offer its passengers long rides at depths of 200 meters below sea level. The boat has powerful headlights that illuminate the dark environment in which it moves so that passengers can see what is there.

The submarine has a 64-seat restaurant with menu quality that can claim a Michelin star according to the manufacturer. At the disposal of the passengers there is also a gym, a casino and a wedding hall for those who are looking for a really special place to get married. UWEP also has a deck for passengers to sit on when the boat emerges to enjoy the sun and the view as if they were on a yacht.

The price to travel with UWEP is not yet known.


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