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Iran refueling rockets. The Pentagon has sent 116 printed signs to nuclear forces

According to social networks in the Middle East, late in the evening of January 5, despite a warning from the US president the day before, Iranian proxies again launched a missile attack on the US embassy in Baghdad.

Six missiles are reported from the scene, one of which fell on a residential building:

It seems that during the shelling one of the Pentagon employees was killed or wounded, in response to which Donald Trump posted the following tweet:

Now, current media reports will serve as an official notice to the US Congress that if Iran strikes against any person or target of the United States, the United States will strike back – very quickly and possibly disproportionately. A formal notice of Congress to the President of the United States is not required for such an answer, but, nevertheless, I am providing it to Congress!

This is the situation around Iran now – they will bomb it very soon, which is already bad for world peace. However, it seems that everything will be much, much worse:

As follows from these and similar tweets, already confirmed by Reuters, on Iranian launch sites along the Gulf coast, satellites see rocket refueling. We are talking about liquid-propellant rockets that are empty on combat duty and that charge only before launch.

In addition, numerous interceptions of the exchange of encrypted radio messages between launch pads and Iranian combat control centers have been reported.

All this suggests that tonight is likely to be the first serious exchange of blows between Iran and the United States.


As reported @Spy_Station, HFGCS message 116 characters long was intercepted by radio amateurs:

Hfgs Is rThe US Air Force’s short-wave frontal communications system (High Frequency Global Communications System). It is designed to provide continuous control of nuclear missile forces, combat and auxiliary aircraft of the US Air Force and provides:

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– bringing to direct executors of the orders of the supreme command and control bodies of the US Air Force;
– control of US Air Force and Navy aircraft on flight routes and during their training flights (aircraft reports on departure, normal flight progress, flight plans, requests for weather conditions on the route and in the vicinity of the landing base, transfer of closed information by RC-135 aircraft, U-2S, EP-3E);
– the transmission of weather reports by ground communication centers to the areas where the main air bases are located.

116 signs for weather forecast are a bit too much.

Meanwhile, Iraq seems to be closing its airspace as the planes above it began to move along unusual routes.


American conspiracy theorists have long known an iron rule: before some military events, there are no free parking spaces in front of the Pentagon.

And so, as reported @IsraelBreaking, in front of the United States Department of Defense building, despite Sunday and a day off, this situation is observed:

It’s possible that the generals came to the meeting, perhaps journalists came in to announce something soon.

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