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Community Resilience and the coming “New World Order”

Community Resilience and the coming "New World Order" 31

We live in strange times, the latest cover of The Economist magazine, owned by the Rothschild banking lineage, portends more false flags, more artificial terror, as if it were a false prophet preparing the ground for greater control..

Community Resilience and the coming "New World Order" 32

Faced with the helplessness of government institutions around the world, it seems that humanity is doomed to take the chestnuts out of the fire for themselves, and this is where community resilience comes in.

What is community resilience?

Community resilience is the sustained ability of a community to use available resources (energy, communication, transportation, food, etc.)

To respond, resist, and recover from adverse situations (for example, from economic collapse to global catastrophic risks.

This allows the adaptation and growth of a community after a disaster, whether natural or artificially caused.

Communities that are resilient can minimize any disaster, making a return to normal life as easy as possible, or making a new way of doing things viable.

By implementing a community resilience plan, a community can unite and overcome any disaster, while rebuilding physically and economically.

Often included in the plan are the distribution of volunteers / neighbors, access to knowledge and resources necessary for reconstruction.

Resist community problems

Adaptability is a key attribute, because prevention can occur before a negative event occurs. For example, if they wanted to confine again in any state, the outline of the six-step process would be as follows:

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1. Form a collaborative planning team (aware of impending danger)

2. Understand the situation (causes and consequences of the pandemic, analyzing truths and lies)

3. Determine goals and objectives (complaints, food reserve, community fund, collection of solid scientific information, local activism strategies, etc.)

4. Development plan (mechanization of the initial fluid process, with measurable, quantifiable and replicable steps to achieve those goals and objectives, so that other communities can imitate the processes)

5. Preparation, review and approval of the plan (capture the different action plans, make a “dafo” analysis of each one, review and approve them in community)

6. Implementation and maintenance plan (strategies to bring the defined plan to fruition and maintain those actions over time, to review them, check their effectiveness and decide if they are modified or remain the same)

Community Resilience and the coming "New World Order" 33

Action plan before the NWO

To add context to this type of community resilience and to know when its implementation may be interesting, it is necessary to review the dangers that communities and the human species face:

1. Wind (hurricanes, tornadoes)

2. Earthquake (landslides, liquefaction, tidal waves)

3. Floods (rains, coastal erosion)

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4. Fire (natural or artificial fires)

5. Snow (snow storms, avalanches)

6. Technological or of human origin (cyber warfare, bacteriological, psychological, nuclear, economic) It is the latter, which really needs to be discussed and widely debated as a civilization.

Community Hazard Categories:

1. Routine hazards; events that occur normally and are usually less consequential problems in terms of damage and recovery.

2. Design hazards; events where structures are to be designed to resist and often include resistance to many natural disasters.

3. Extreme danger; Perhaps structures and society take them into account, although due to their virulence they are likely to cause significant and often irreparable damage.

Resilience or claudication

Given this, comment that quite evident phenomena are taking place since the beginning of the 20th century, regarding the dangers created by humans.

Surprisingly, extreme dangers are becoming routine (crisis, recession, confinement, pandemic), implying that the world elite seeks to perpetuate itself through fear.

Because of this, the social design with which they prepare us for these events is always overwhelmed, as if the people in charge of solving the problems were the most incompetent Earthlings from a street-level perspective.

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This leaves the way open to the manipulation of these elites, rebuilding and investing according to their plans, not according to those of the bulk of humanity.

For all these reasons, it would be opportune to start thinking about and evaluating these types of strategies. Community resilience appears when governments fail.

Humanity, to achieve the greatness of its destiny as a species, must take the responsibilities that centuries ago they left in the hands of the states.


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