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China urgently evacuates its students from America. War?

China urgently evacuates its students from America. War? 35

At the end of May 2020, reports began to arrive from India that China had begun the evacuation of its citizens from the country:

The reason for this step of the Chinese government is obvious: there is tension on the border, it’s a war, therefore, if no one touches the Chinese ambassador to India even during the atomic bombing of Delhi, the rest of the Chinese may suffer.

A little later, similar news came from Nigeria, from where China also began the evacuation of its citizens:

Here, observers have already begun to rack their brains, since there are no Chinese pogroms in Nigeria so far. The most common version – there will be some kind of epidemic in Nigeria and the Chinese, who now know about pandemics more than anyone else in the world, evacuate their citizens in advance.

But then came May 30th and similar news came from the Chinese Embassy in the USA:

In an information message from the Chinese government, Chinese students were advised to leave America, IMMEDIATELY.

The official explanation is Trump’s statement that foreign students may be suspended from entering the United States. The semi-official explanation is the unrest that swept America, in the suppression of which the Chinese may suffer.

US Is Increasingly Reminiscent Of Baghdad

The riots that began four days ago in Minneapolis by the end of the week spread to more than two dozen megacities and are likely to cover the whole country in the near future:

China urgently evacuates its students from America. War? 36



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New York:


Las Vegas:


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Washington’s reaction is not very clear, because so far there has been no particularly severe suppression of riots.

Nevertheless, if chaos begins to grow exponentially – perhaps then conspiracy theorists will get an answer to the question that has tormented minds for decades: why does the US government store plastic coffins and build FEMA camps?


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