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AI showed an artistic description of what the future will be like after China’s victory in World War III

One of the popular themes of modern and relative modern fiction has become an alternative history, where the plot twists on the basis of the assumption “what if …?”. So very often such an assumption is an alternative outcome of the Second World War – the victory of the Nazis and the subsequent historical prospects for the world. 

An example of such a possible alternative is Philip Dick’s ‘The Man in the High Castle‘, which has been adapted into a dystopian alternate history television series series. There the Germans defeated everyone, America was divided with Japan, like Korea, and everyone was reforged.

To what extent the alternative scenario is calculated correctly, whether everything would have ended with universal vaccination and chemtrails, or everything would have been much faster and much worse – this is a question for the filmmakers, who are engaged by definition. It would be more interesting to see what Artificial Intelligence would say about this, which does not care about the political games of people and is more or less objective. 

Unfortunately, so far no one has asked Skynet such a question, but another one was asked: what if China wins in the Third World War, which is about to win? Skynet responded with a series of creepy pictures that make you feel uncomfortable.

As you can see, according to AI, US citizens will have to work in the rice fields, which will be smashed right in the middle of Manhattan, and Skynet’s fasteners are only briefly shown in stories with store shelves on which there are canned food. That is, there is no future for them at all.

It is also desirable to watch the film for everyone else, especially for European bosses who are falling for Chinese money. At best, they will have plastic surgery, like Elon Musk shown by Skynet, and at worst, the bosses will become processed meat, since the Chinese will fly to Mars and the astronauts will need to be given something to eat in flight besides nutritious noodles.

Fortunately, Skynet was made by the Americans – from processors to software, so an alternative Chinese future does not shine for the world until the native Chinese Communist Party, so to speak, catches up and surpasses.

Bing ChatBot on alternative history

In addition, when the Bing ChatBot was asked to provide and artistic explanation of the possible conflict of the PRC and NATO and the world’s legacy in the case of NATO’s defeat, AI provided the following answers:

In 2023, China is starting a great offensive against NATO and its allies in Europe and Asia. Winning their prestige from cyberwarfare, hypersonic missiles and piece intelligence, China is quickly responsible for important strikes on NATO bases, satellites and the fleet. NATO is trying to resist the aggressor, but their bases are shackled by chaos and disorganization. In 2024, China will stop NATO until it surrenders after a successful nuclear strike on Brussels.

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In 2030, a rotation of retinues of subdivisions into two spheres is added: a red block under the wing of China and a black block under the side of India. NATO has turned into a weak and divided organization, as if it is suffering from an economic crisis, social instability and social instability and the federalists and separatists. China, on the other hand, has become a retinue leader in scientific and technological innovations, as well as the main force in the fight against climate change and pandemics.

Question: Why for the purpose of a nuclear strike should Brussels itself be alarmed?

ChatBot: Brussels is a nod to a nuclear strike target, the capital of NATO and the European Union. China wants to weaken the NATO, the command and morale of the allies as much as possible. China has also provided for those who would cause a nuclear strike on Brussels to cause panic and chaos among the Europeans, so that they can force the military to recognize the Chinese hegemony.

Question: Why is there a conflict in your history?

ChatBot: The conflict in my history stems from the fact that China is conducting a great military operation against Taiwan, which is invading its own territory. NATO, as if supporting the independence of Taiwan, will give China an ultimatum: indulge in aggression or stick to the insults. 

China ignores the ultimatum and continues its offensive. NATO will slander China and overpower its forces for the invasion of Taiwan. This is how the global conflict begins, which is three times the fate of bringing about radical changes in the retinue order.


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