Humanity is completely unprepared for an alien invasion, ufologist and former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope has warned.

Alien Invasion:
Nick Pope says the world is not prepared for an alien invasion (Image: GETTY)

The man who has been dubbed the real-life Fox Mulder has said that the governments of the world will join forces if the unthinkable happens – and an extraterrestrial species launches an attack on Earth.

Pope, writing prior to the premiere of a new adaptation of HG Wells’ War of the Worlds on Fox next Thursday, warned:

If real-life aliens are looking at the Earth with envious eyes and making plans, what are our plans to deal with them? The short answer is that there is not.

If it was a real-world War of the Worlds, there is no war plan against alien invasions – we just have to face them.

Conspiracy theorists will undoubtedly say that there is a plan, buried somewhere deep in the government, but I promise that there is none. If there were, I would be responsible for writing it.

Today, the world’s greatest minds are battling a more tangible threat – the coronavirus, not only as a risk to public health, but also in terms of its potential to cause social collapse.

Alien Invasion:
The adaptation is based on the classic science fiction novel by HG Wells (Image: Fox)

Pope said the arrival of an aggressive invasive species could pose a similar threat.

He explained:

Despite all the talk about the extraterrestrial threat, if we face a real-world War of the Worlds, aliens may not be the only danger.

Just as every dog ​​is only two meals away from being a wolf, every society is only three meals away from the revolution.

In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, things can fall apart very quickly, if what the government calls ‘key points’ and ‘critical infrastructure’ comes under pressure: aliens invade, they bring down the network, the energy goes out , the lights go out, you can’t get money from the ATM, gas stations run out of gas, stores run out of food, the law and order are broken.

If your children were hungry and crying, what would you do to get them food? How far would you go? You’d do what it takes, right? Of course, you would.

In the past, people preparing for disaster, in whatever form it might take, have been regarded with extreme suspicion, conjuring up images of survivalists living in a bunker somewhere “off the grid” in the rural United States, Mr Pope said.

However, he added:

Now, in an era of extreme weather, terror attacks and Coronavirus panic, it doesn’t sound quite so odd.

In fact, it sounds like a pretty good idea. Many people now have what are variously termed prepper kits, go bags or survival kits, packed with emergency rations, first aid supplies and other essentials.

Pope worked at the Ministry of Defense for 21 years and, from 1991 to 1994, was assigned to a division where his duties included researching and investigating the UFO phenomenon, to determine if there was evidence of any threat to the UK’s defense.

Alien Invasion:
War of the Worlds opens on Thursday in the UK (Image: Fox)

He said:

All this may seem to people to be the worst case scenario: threats from hostile extraterrestrials and perhaps threats from other survivors as well, as society collapses and people compete for scarce resources.

And all of this in a situation where our spoiled modern lifestyle means that people are losing basic skills that we have had since the beginning of human history – how many people reading this article are confident they could light an old-fashioned fire without using it matches or a lighter?

So yes, this is the worst case scenario, but it is not better to plan for the worst, so there is a chance that we will deal with things, instead of assuming that everything will be okay and get caught if it doesn’t stay, right?

This brings us back to the central point and the final irony: given that so many people are looking for aliens, it’s crazy that we don’t have a plan for what to do if we do find them.

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