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A Study in Superhero Signs: Who Is the Ideal Aries Superhero?

What do Lady Gaga and Eddie Murphy have in common?

A Study in Superhero Signs: Who Is the Ideal Aries Superhero?
Business superhero. Mixed media

Both of these big personality celebrities were born under the zodiac sign of Aries.  Rather than trying to be like everyone else, an Aries is proud to stand out while also focusing on whatever task’s at hand.

For superhero signs, Aries are the ones that are willing to fly through the town, smashing things up, even if they look a little crazy while doing it. Aries may be impulsive individuals, yet their big hearts and charismatic personalities more than makeup for it.

Superhero’s who fall under the Aries sign, are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure good prevails over evil, even if it means risking their own life. While many heroes are willing to save the day, not all of them can do it with the same zest an Aries brings to the table. They’re are unstoppable forces, who don’t understand the meaning of giving up.

What superhero’s do you think to qualify as an Aries? Read on to find out!

Understanding Superhero Signs

Before we start naming superheroes, we want to give you a quick introduction into what it means to be an Aries. Here are some of the qualifications and traits of an Aries:

  • Confident
  • Fiercely competitive
  • Determined
  • Bold and brazen
  • Impulsive
  • Generous givers

Looking at the Aries horoscope, it’s easy to see that these individuals aren’t meek or shy. Aries, when it comes to superhero signs, are ruled by the planet Mars. A planet that’s infamous for it’s chaotic, war-like nature in astrology.

1. Storm and Her Psionic Powers

Storm’s an Aries because she’s as bold and brazen as they come. Born with the name Ororo Munroe, Storm had to grow up fast as an orphan on the streets of Cairo. As she learned how to be street smart, she also became a proficient thief and pickpocket.

While Aries tend to be generous givers, as a child Storm had to learn how to be a ruthless thief. Stealing and living life outside of the law was the only way young orphan Storm could survive the cutthroat streets of Cairo.

Perhaps, it’s her tough upbringing that causes Storm to often choose a hand to hand combat, rather than using her mutant powers. Yet, that doesn’t mean her mutant powers should go unnoticed.

As with all Aries, Storm knows how to make herself the center of attention. She’s a veteran X-men, and one of the strongest mutants that planet Earth has. Instilled with an intense power over the weather, Storm can manipulate the winds around her, helping her have the ability to fly.

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2. She-Hulk and the Hulk

As if one Aries in the family wasn’t enough, the Banner family has 2. Remember how we said Aries are generous givers, and also impulsive? Well, Bruce Banner, who’s also the Hulk, gave a life-saving blood transfusion to his lawyer cousin, Jennifer Walters.

Acting as a typical Aries, Bruce acted before thinking. The blood transfusion caused Jennifer to transform into a woman version of the Hulk or a She-Hulk. Both of the Hulks are Gamma-powered Super Heroes, with an unnatural and savage-like strength.

The Hulk cousins often find themselves helping out other superheroes, like the Avengers. Yet, even their friends avoid getting in their way at all costs. When a Hulk sets their mind to something, they become intensely fixated on it.

The essence of being an Aries runs strong in the Hulk cousin’s blood. If there’s something they want, they’ll get it, and nothing is going to stop them.

3. Iron Man Wins Again

Who’s the biggest Aries of them all? If you guessed the overly confident genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, who is Iron Man, then you’re right!

Intense Confidence

Iron Man takes home the trophy as the most Aries superhero to ever exist. In his regular life, Iron Man lives as Tony Stark. Yet, just because he isn’t flying around saving the day, Tony doesn’t hold back at all when it comes to being a little bit full of himself.

Tony Stark’s intense confidence is only matched by his incredible abilities to fly high and kick butt, in his Iron Man persona. Constantly revising his high-tech suit of armor, Tony’s always finding ways to come out with a better version. Each new version of his armored suit has increased capabilities, like being able to fly higher, faster, and longer.

Tunnel Vision Focus

Neither Tony Stark nor his superhero persona of Iron Man will ever give up on a goal. Once Iron Man sets his mind to something, he makes sure he sees it through to the end.

Iron Man has even let down other superhero’s in need because he was more interested in finishing something else he had already started. Yet, even though Tony may appear selfish, deep down, he’s got a very big heart.

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Fiercely Competitive and Generous

Always fighting for the right side, Iron Man’s an Aries who’s willing to risk his own life. The first time he fought alongside the Avengers in New York, he almost had to sacrifice himself to achieve a victory.

Yet, not even a near-death experience can phase this super confident Aries. Iron Man’s laughed in the face of death several times, and as long as he’s alive he’ll continue to do so.

Deciding What Superhero You Are

The Hulk, She-Hulk, Storm, and Iron Man, definitely have Aries’s superhero signs. Their magnetic personalities and can-do attitudes make them amazing superhero’s and friends.

Smashing, flying, always being up for a fight, it’s good that comic book universes have these fearsome fighters. Yet, even if you’re an Aries, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically connect with other Aries superheroes.

Instead, you might have to dig a little deeper to find a hero who’s story and character truly speak to your heart. Want to find the superhero that describes your personality to a tee? Check out our Entertainment section today!


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