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Zuckerberg clone was seen at congressional hearing

Zuckerberg clone was seen at congressional hearing 31

The seemingly “identical” female version of the entrepreneur is not the work of artificial intelligence.

And here it is in “Event 201”, the “exercise” where they conveniently discussed the spread of a new coronavirus in 2019 – you know – before it happened.

She even has the same thousand-meter look and dead eyes. Simply puzzling and creepy.

Here is the full congressional hearing with Dr. Rivers aka the Zuckerberg clone:

Recall a video which appeared back in 2019 on the Bill Posters Instagram page. On frames, allegedly Zuckerberg talks about the possibility of controlling the data of billions of people by one person. Outwardly, the speaker is almost identical to the billionaire, and his facial expressions and lip movements coincide with the words.

In fact, the video depicts a “clone” of Mark Zuckerberg created by artificial intelligence. If you notice such a video in the news feed without sound, it is almost impossible to understand that it is fake.


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