You’re Being Hacked, Unplug Your Alexa Devices Right Now

You’re Being Hacked, Unplug Your Alexa Devices Right Now

It all started with ”Unplug your Alexa devices right now, your being hacked.” Imagine hearing such a disturbing message in the comfort of your own home. This incident happened just weeks after installing the Amazon device in their home. As reported by KIRO7, Danielle, who asked for her last name not to be revealed, then contacted Amazon asking them to make an investigation, claiming that a private conversation had been recorded by Amazon’s Alexa.

Unplug from the Matrix – Alexa is hacking your mainframe

The conversation was sent to somebody in Seattle who was saved in the family contact list; this begs the question as to how this could have happened, was it just a glitch?

A little truth behind every joke?

Danielle claimed that her and her husband would even make jokes that the devices were recording everything they were saying, one of her husband’s employees made a call to the family home and informed them of what was happening, Danielle then immediately unplugged every device in the house and contacted Amazon, an Alexa engineer was put on the case to investigate.

The informant told Danielle that he had received audio files of recordings from their household, the whole family was in disbelief as most people would be, so to prove it, the recipient mentioned things they had been talking about such as hardwood floors. This made the reality of the situation sink in; he was telling the truth.

Home invasions of the blurred kind?

Danielle and her family feel violated from this invasion of privacy and could have lead to a great deal of damage, claiming that she will never use the devices again as she feels they are not to be trusted. It’s understandable that this is a total shock to read and should be taken into account by anybody who uses Alexa devices.

Personal information and home security should be kept as secure as possible, was this just a glitch or is there something more sinister at hand? The Alexa engineer did not shed any light on why this may have happened, apart from he; thinks’ the device just guessed what they were saying.

If this was so, the device should have informed that it was going to send the recording as this is what it is programmed to do, KIRO 7 asked for a response on the matter, and Amazon sent this reply back.

“Amazon takes privacy very seriously. An investigation of what happened and determined this was an extremely rare occurrence. We are taking steps to avoid this from happening in the future.”

This is not the first case of strange goings on with Alexa devices, some recent buyers of the devices have claimed to hear disturbing laughter from the Artificial gadgets. Although there has been no real reason or finger being pointed yet as to why or how this happened, it is suspected that something will crop up sooner or later so keep those eyes peeled for more information as events happen.

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