Yet another bunch of Microsoft Surfaces don’t work with Win10 version 1803

Yet another bunch of Microsoft Surfaces don’t work with Win10 version 1803

Microsoft made Windows 10 version 1803 available for download – and pushed to “seekers” – on April 30. It started sending the OS out to the unprotected masses on May 8. Shortly after, we started hearing complaints from Surface Pro (2017) owners that the upgrade to 1803 froze their machines. By May 11, we figured out that Surface Pro (2017) hardware with Intel SSD6 solid state drives were failing because, somehow, somebody at Microsoft forgot to test them.

In a case of deja vu, it now looks like the version 1803 upgrade is failing on at least some of those expensive Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-ones.

ChrisCork posted on the Microsoft Answers forum:

Has anyone else experienced the mouse keep disconnecting on their Surface Studio since the April 2018 update? It’s so annoying. If I touch the screen when it happens a few seconds later it comes back. Does Microsoft not test their premium devices with new updates or something?!

Many Surface Studio users have chimed in with similar experiences. David Bader posts:

I have also noticed that when the mouse stops working, the keyboard also stops working, but like you stated, if you touch the screen, the mouse and keyboard start working again.

David Bader, a “Microsoft Agent,” appended this to a post:

We are currently working on a solution that will be provided in a future Windows Update. Please continue to check for Surface and Windows Updates to ensure your device has the most current firmware and software available.

That’s a great thing to tell someone who’s shelled out a premium price for a Surface Pro, and wants to upgrade to the latest flagship version of Windows.

Poster Marius has a different (possibly related?) problem:

When I paring an Fitbit Ionic the Bluetooth was completely away. Only with a restart I can work and the paring of Ionic i must disconnect the Ionic. In the Log I seen an entry “Low Energy” was not supported.

I have to ask: Is anybody at Microsoft testing this stuff?

Thx Bogdan Poppa at Softpedia.

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