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Wandering portals of Crimea. Cases of a man moving more than 250 miles in a few hours and students being trapped in a time portal for 22 years

Does teleportation exist? Recently, Chinese physicists unequivocally answered this question. In the laboratory, they managed to teleport a molecule of a substance. For some reason it has not yet worked out with larger objects. However, Japanese physicists also teleported the water molecule to a distance. It is safe to say that this phenomenon exists.

It is interesting that teleportation was seriously discussed back in the days of the Third Reich. Moreover, German scientists were sure that it was quite possible to move not only substances, but also living beings in this way. The possibility of getting from point A to point B was experimentally studied in one of the secret bases in the Alps. 

Initially, animals took part in the experiments, but there is evidence that tests were also performed on humans. Their result is unknown, perhaps classified, or perhaps the documents were destroyed. The reason is very simple, the study of the possibility of teleportation was carried out from 1938 to 1944. 

When it became clear that Soviet and allied troops were about to approach Germany, the laboratory was blown up, and only a pile of stones remained in its place. Whether they managed to take the developments out of it is a mystery.

However, the issue of teleportation is still open. We do not want to enter into polemics with anyone on this topic, since we are 100% convinced that this phenomenon exists. 

Firstly, the Japanese and Chinese have already proved this in relation to the water molecule. Secondly, there is evidence of spontaneous movement in space and in large quantities. Hundreds of cases from different parts of the world. But until the scientific community “touches” the phenomenon with their own hands, as materialists normally do, they will not be paid any attention. Thirdly, there are living example of people who survived teleportation. And for us, these three proofs are more than enough to not doubt the fact of the phenomenon.

“Wandering portals” in Crimea

One of these cases manifested in 2008. Every year, a man traveled to the Black Sea coast with his family, and then by ferry to the Crimea, where he rested during his vacation. After swimming in sea water, as a rule, the family went to visit medieval fortresses, climb mountains or visit museums. This time the lot fell on the Mangup fortress. Fortunately, when sightseeing, it is not necessary to follow a guide everywhere. Time is given, and you freely bypass the cultural and historical monument on your own. The main thing is not to climb over fences.

The father of the family looked at the ruins of the fortress city, and it seemed to him that something glittered in the distance. Having warned his wife and children, he moved a little away and disappeared behind overgrown bushes. For a while, his movement betrayed the stirring of branches and vegetation but then everything went quiet. 

For about 5 minutes, the relatives stood waiting, but the man did not come out. The children began to cry, and the wife became very agitated. She did not want to leave the place where her husband was supposed to return, and she had to call for help, but there was no one nearby. A family friend had to leave the scene and, catching up with the nearest group of tourists, to tell about what had happened.

Within 15-20 minutes, the guards and some who were not indifferent were inspecting the bushes and thickets in the indicated square. Even a chain of footprints was discovered, but, by a strange coincidence, it broke off. The policemen documented this fact and took the family members to where they lived. Late in the evening the man was found. He had symptoms of sunstroke. 

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It turned out that he wandered for several hours near the place where the Malaya Zybza river flows into the Zybza, Abinsk district of the Krasnodar Territory. Thanks to the locals who came for water, the tourist was saved.

People often go missing near the Mangup fortress. Then they are found hundreds of miles away. 

In other words, he was found more than 250 miles from the point where he disappeared. How to explain such a thing? There is a hypothesis, a postulate about the so-called anomalous zones. These are places where physical processes operate not according to the laws that traditional science describes, but according to others. Because of this, spontaneous movements in space and even time occur. Scientists cannot yet reproduce this phenomenon in the laboratory, but nature can. 

Fortunately, this case ended without casualties and the man was found in time. But everything could have gone according to a different scenario. That is why one cannot go into the anomalous zones unprepared. You may be in the wrong place.

This incident interested the researchers of the Crimea. Near the Mangup fortress, people were reported missing in the 17-18 centuries. Probably, in this anomalous zone there are wandering portals, which become the reason for moving over long distances. At the same time, a person loses orientation, short-term memory and is caught unawares in an unfamiliar area. Local enthusiasts collect information about such cases and they have accumulated more than 50 over the past decades.

Students trapped in a time portal for 22 years

In 1980, near Sudak, vacationers encountered an inexplicable phenomenon. In the early morning of July 7, a group of students set off out of town. At about 12 o’clock on the same day, very frightened guys and girls turned to the local police. According to them, the two friends literally vanished into thin air. Search work was carried out for several months. Local residents joined the search, but to no avail.

Only 22 years later, in 2002, on July 7 at about noon, two teenagers found themselves in the middle of an unfamiliar area. With surprise, they realized that none of their acquaintances were around, and everything in the district had changed. As if trees had grown, kiosks appeared, gazebos disappeared. There were enough people nearby, but their friends were nowhere to be found.

The guys went to the house where they stopped for the rest, but there were already completely different guests. Caught in complete confusion, they had no choice but to ask to call their relatives. Having phoned, it turned out terrible – they were absent for more than 20 years! Although all this time for the guys themselves passed in a couple of seconds. Relatives, who had long lost hope, went to the Crimea to carry out a long-awaited meeting.

Surprisingly, teenagers who fell out of reality have not changed over time. Parents, of course, recognized their children. It was hard to believe, but the guys returned after 22 years. The medical examination revealed no injuries or changes. Those who fell into the time portal, of course, experienced a shock. Imagine, in a few seconds, all your friends have aged 20 years, and the country you just lived in has collapsed.

Time travel is a reality. 

Various researchers argue that there are wandering temporal and spatial anomalies in the Crimea. They cannot be seen and noticed, which is why all similar cases are spontaneous. In 2007, temporologist Yuri Ignatiev from Yalta went to Feodosia in search of these portals, where several dozen similar incidents are also known. Since then, nothing has been known about him. Investigators only managed to find the researcher’s tent with personal belongings. Colleagues believe that he got into the portal and, perhaps, will appear in the same place in the future.

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Academic physics a few decades ago denied the possibility of the existence of portals in time and space. However, as we previously said, Chinese scientists managed to teleport elementary particles recently. Perhaps this discovery will help in the future to understand the principle of operation of such anomalies. 

The conquest of portals in time and space on Earth will lead to the discovery of similar objects in space and will allow you to instantly travel to different parts of the Universe. This was stated back in the 70s by the famous Soviet ufologist Felix Siegel. He was probably right.


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