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Walt Disney has created a robot that can overwhelm with its look

Walt Disney has created a robot that can overwhelm with its look 31

Many companies are working on artificial intelligence and robots. In general, they do well, but their creations still do not know how to mimic human facial expressions. As a result, there is no impression that the dialogue is being conducted with an intelligent creature.

The Walt Disney Company has contributed to robotics: it has created a robot whose gaze is definitely not empty. You could even say that the company overdid it: sometimes the robot scares with its shrewd appearance.

The robot was trained to lightly move its head and eyes. The creation turned out to be very realistic, this was noted by absolutely all Internet users. To see this, just watch the video from Walt Disney.

The video features a static torso that is designed solely to support the head. Engineers from Walt Disney Imagineering, specialists from the Universities of Illinois and the California Institute of Technology took part in the creation of the robot. The robot does not yet have muscles and skin, so outwardly it definitely cannot be called humanoid. The emphasis is on the eyes and facial expressions. If you complete the work on the creation, then it will definitely turn out to be revolutionary and impressive.

Copying the facial expressions of people is a very difficult task, because there are many subtle signals that the average person does not even know exist. We feel everything on an intuitive level, just like we reproduce. If the body begins to make light movements, the eyes will certainly react to this.

Robots can usually turn their heads and focus on the interlocutor, but they cannot maintain eye contact. This one has gestures and facial expressions that contribute to the disposition of a person and his involvement in the conversation.

Walt Disney has equipped the robot with a set of cameras that it uses to recognize human gestures and reproduce its own. The engineers did their best to ensure that the eyes of the creation reflect its behavior and thoughts.

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