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UK starts selling time travel tickets

A recent study by the University of Queensland showed that time travel is possible without the paradoxes, which are considered one of the main problems in the field. For example, the famous “grandfather paradox”: what happens if you go back in time and kill your grandfather? 

It is logical to assume that in this case there would be no way to go back to the future, but scientists at the University of Queensland found that the timeline would change on its own, so that, in fact, everything would return to normal in the present time.

After groundbreaking research, travel and technology company Klook was optimistic about the potential of time travel and offered tickets to the first 100 travelers for just £ 1. It remains to wait for the machine to start working, Express writes.

According to Simon Llanos, Klook’s EU and US marketing director, “time travel can be possible at any moment.”

 “As a brand that prides itself on being a leader in the travel and technology industry, we want to be ready to collaborate as soon as that happens. And as a leading business company, we understand that most people now want to escape from 2020, so we offer experiences that will help fulfill that desire,” he said.

Klook conducted research trying to figure out where the British might go. It turned out that there are 46% of those who want to escape from the pandemic. At the same time, 12% are ready for this to give up their intimate life for a year, every 20th is ready to sacrifice their annual salary, while 4% are ready to part for this time even with their family.

In addition, analysts have found out what time travelers would have changed by going back in time. 

“Most of all, the British regret that the opportunity to travel was taken away from them, every seventh (14%) said that they would have learned another language,” the experts said. “In terms of daily life, a fifth of Britons would like to change their career path, while a tenth would choose other friends, but most worried that one in twelve (8%) would not marry,” Klook concluded.

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