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Travis Walton case: scientific analyzes confirm “anomalies” on the ground in the area of ​​the kidnapping

Travis Walton’s story is perhaps one of the most famous cases of Alien Abduction. Travis was abducted on the evening of November 5, 1975 in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The seizure site is located east of the central Arizona mountains and is only accessible by old forest roads.

That evening, Travis was returning home after a day’s work as a woodcutter. He was with 6 other colleagues of his and, while traveling in a car along the road, they spotted a UFO on the side of the road. The object was about 30 meters above the ground surface and was large and discoid in shape.

Travis got out, approached, and was hit by the flying saucer energy field, which threw him into the air for about ten meters. In the fall Travis suffered a heart block, but a beam of light teleported him to the alien ship. The crew of the car, panicked, left with the car, but soon returned to find Travis who had disappeared.

On November 10, 1975, five days after his disappearance, Travis suddenly reappeared as he had disappeared, dehydrated, unshaven and in the same clothes he had been wearing five days earlier. The press, already in that distant 1975, rode its history and since then Travis Walton has never stepped out of the spotlight. Many obviously think that his story is false, that that day he and his friends have agreed to make the joke of the century or that, perhaps, some joint too much has clouded their senses and their memories.

In all these years – Walton says – I have passed five truth tests, carried out by 3 different examiners, all with many years of experience, very competent and professional people in conducting the interrogations. Impossible that he has been able to deceive that machine every time, the polygraph, calibrated precisely to find the emotion that hides a lie from the altered heartbeat. There is no possibility that there were errors in the truth test. It is the same technology that the FBI and CIA still use today“.

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Now, a scientific analysis of the terrain where the accident occurred has produced surprising results. It is interesting to note that in the first days of April 2017 Frontier Analysis Ltd brought to the public the analysis of the soil samples where the kidnapping took place. The results obtained shed light on the case and show that something strange certainly happened that night in 1975. Now there is a report signed by the chemist Phyllis A. Budinger, dating back to April 4, 2017 ( Click here ) and provides details on the composition of the terrain in which the UFO that abducted Travis Walton was located.

As noted in the report, “even though the event happened 40 years ago, soil samples were collected from the site, along with samples taken nearby. It should be noted that, after more than 40 years, atmospheric agents and a massive forest fire that occurred in 2002 and which devastated the area seem not to have greatly altered the epicenter of the accident in Trevis. Again, it was hoped that if a permanent change was made on the ground due to the proximity of the UFO, it would be detected.

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Several soil samples were taken from the site where Walton was abducted, as were other control samples taken from the surrounding area. According to the scientists, the differences between the two samples weren’t many, although to their surprise they found two interesting anomalies that caught their attention.

The laboratory research revealed that, compared to the surrounding soil, the samples taken from the epicenter site of the seizure have a higher level of iron particles, exchangeable cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium) are significantly higher. This suggests some kind of chemical change occurred in the ground where the UFO was sighted.

While the report indicates that there may be a natural explanation for the cationic activity, such as clay deposits generating chemical changes, the large amount of iron is definitely out of the norm, as described by the experts in the analysis results.

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Image of iron-containing particulates

According to the scientific study, “it emerged that iron-containing particulates are higher in the land of the abduction site than in the surrounding land. In addition, there is an indication that levels tend to be higher in surface soils than in subsurface soils of the samples at the site.

This laboratory hypothesizes that the propulsion system of the alien aircraft, which was stationary about 30 meters from the surface of the ground, generated a powerful electromagnetic effect that concentrated these iron particles towards the surface. This has been observed in soil analyzes from other sites where UFOs would have landed or were many meters in the air and therefore from the surface of the ground ”.

It was more specifically observed that sample # 2 contains less particulate than the other site samples, but slightly more than the controls. Terrain sample # 2 would be the one where Travis landed after the beam hit him and threw him into the air.


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