Tips From The Pit – LA TO VEGAS from LA to Vegas

Tips From The Pit – LA TO VEGAS from LA to Vegas

– If you stay in a hotel that has robes

and you don’t steal one, you don’t belong in Vegas.

– Get vaccinated before using any hotel jacuzzis.

Don’t underestimate the strip club buffet.

If you’re going to the pool the next day,

that food poisoning can really bring out your abs.

– Don’t ask for directions from anyone in open toed shoes.

– Never trust a magician.

– Apparently, there’s more to counting cards

than just counting cards.

And, no, the dealer won’t slow down to help,

so do not ask.

– Bring your own plate,

and you can crash any buffet for free.

– If they say the champagne is complimentary,

you can assume it’s carbonated garbage water.

– Hydrate!

It’s the simplest one, and you always forget it.

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