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Three huge UFOs recorded as they pass through the Orion Nebula

There appears to be a lot of UFO activity in deep space. Last week, an astronomer captured a huge cigar-shaped aircraft passing through the Orion Nebula, and now another researcher and sky observer, Peter Tiagunov, has recorded three interstellar aircraft passing through the Orion Nebula.

The images show the three UFOs emerging from the center of the Nebula flying further into space in a triangular formation.

The question is whether these UFOs are of alien origin or whether they belong to the secret space program, which includes a fleet of spaceships equipped with technology far beyond what current aerospace technology is capable of.

Peter captured UFOs with a telescope: RC 10 “(x.75 reducer) – Mount: EQ6R-Pro – Camera: QHY 163M cooled (without filters).

Watch the video!

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