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The UK is the first to introduce the Digital Health Passport

The UK is the first to introduce the Digital Health Passport 31

The UK government is preparing to roll out a new “digital health passport” to monitor almost every aspect of citizen’s life. And everything is done exclusively for the public good and to improve the health care system.

British firm VST Enterprises, a leading cybersecurity company, in partnership with the UK government, developed an application called “COVI-PASS” to track “your Covid-19 testing history, immunoassay information, and other relevant medical information” using a proprietary matrix code called “VCode”.

The UK is the first to introduce the Digital Health Passport 32

The COVI-PASS website announces this technology as “the safest digital health passport in the world, created on the basis of a patented technology, awarded the“ Quality Mark ”of the European Commission and used in various United Nations projects.”

VCode is described as a universal technology that can store all the important details of your life with military-grade encryption software.

“Securely assign any form of information to your own VCode®. Your VCode® can store anything from identity to “medical cards, payment methods, car registration numbers, business card data, links on social networks and much more – all from one code.”

The company says the technology will “allow” people to return to work “safely”, suggesting that technology may become mandatory for people to return to work.

“As a safe digital health passport, COVI-PASS ™ links and displays the results of the Covid-19 certified test with the user’s health and immune response using a secure biometric gateway that allows people to safely return to work and live,” the site says.

“COVI-PASS ™, which is accessed biometrically from a mobile phone or using an RFID chip, provides a unique authenticated gateway for government, healthcare and business to provide a safe working environment.”

The sports marketing company Redstrike Group, in partnership with VST Enterprises, is already introducing this technology for group sports events, claiming that people will be able to return to everyday life only after they pass the “official testing”.

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“The Redstrike Group and its partner, Manchester-based VST Enterprises, a cyber security firm, provide innovative digital passport solutions to governments, healthcare organizations, sports federations, leagues and clubs around the world. The VCode digital health passport allows individuals who have been officially tested to begin to return to work and daily activities in a safe and secure environment. ”

What does the whole project remind you of? Can this technology be implanted in us as well? Without a digital health identity, we may not be able to work or trade? Everything shows that the “marking” of people for the “good of health” is very close.


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