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The prophetic Carlos Castaneda left a powerful prediction, what we need to be prepared for

There is a joke: “Castaneda is not as scary as the one who read it!” The American writer Carlos Castaneda needs no introduction. Millions of followers of his teachings around the world confirm that the information described in his books was ahead of its time. 

He clearly had a prophetic gift and anticipated some of the events taking place now. Castaneda’s teachings contain clues, thanks to which one can pass through life’s difficulties and trials with dignity.

Castaneda’s teachings

Castaneda’s prophecy says that in the coming years, the world will change so much that it will be difficult to recognize. A new world order may emerge. A third of the people on the planet will witness its birth. All over again, the great reboot is coming!

Carlos often remarked during his interviews that he was close to mysticism. Knowledge was revealed to him that is inaccessible to ordinary people. Castaneda separated the “people of knowledge” from all others. The writer hid his personal life from strangers, erasing his own history, deleting photographs and documentary records about himself. He even burned personal belongings.

The esotericist was convinced that personal history hindered “new seers, men of knowledge”. Personal history deprives a person of freedom. Thus, by destroying things connected with the past, you actually lose it. At any second, a person free from the past can start a new life, and the karma of the past days will not become an obstacle to him in this matter.

The prophetic Carlos Castaneda left a strong prophecy, what you need to be prepared for

Carlos Castaneda foresaw that he would fly to heaven in 1998. The last years of his life were spent in constant labor. In order to be in time, he slept little at night. He has published 8 best-selling books that describe the instructions of the magician. It feels like Carlos was doing someone else’s will by being so productive.

Castaneda’s prediction of a flood that will redistribute the earth

Carlos had an innate gift, he saw lucid dreams. Thanks to this gift, he was able to create a different reality for himself, into which he often went. In absolute energy reality, during controlled lucid dreams, he often saw the future.

In one of the visions, having gone beyond the boundaries of a lucid dream, Castaneda observed a powerful cataclysm. A catastrophe that will wipe out many countries and cities from the face of the Earth. Part of the continent will go under water as the incomprehensibly huge waves will engulf buildings and sculptures.

After the flood, as Carlos predicted, the world order would change. The whole world will speak the same language, have the same money. No one else will fight, a golden age will come in which everyone will have to worry about only one thing – Spiritual Development. 

You can start simple changes, move your “assembly point” right now. It is worth starting with a simple one: for example, picking up a homeless animal from the street, giving it shelter and food. You can help those who need and ask for help.

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Why it’s important to accept that the world will never be the same again

If someone else has hope that the world will return to the state it was in before 2020, he is doomed to live in constant stress and tension. Stress, as you know, undermines the body, provokes various ailments. It is now that the transformational transition has begun, and it has fallen to us to be its witnesses and participants. Since the Second World War, we have lived in a world where consumption has become more important than anything spiritual.

The world is changing rapidly and we will have to adapt, move the same “assembly point”. Looking for happiness is not in comfort, not in luxury, not by the pool with drinks, not inside a new second car. Another big purchase in the new world will no longer bring happiness. Now it will be stored in a new wrapper. Imagine for a moment that the old world is no more, it will not return. This will be the starting point for our spiritual growth.

”- Don Juan, I’m already 70, and I’m still chasing girls …
– Well, you see, Carlitos! I promised that in the process of training you will gain endurance and excellent physical shape!
“Yes, but I don’t remember why I run after them!”

It is not given to us to know whether the predictions of Castaneda will come true, this is known only to the Creator. But everyone can learn something for themselves from Carlos’ teachings. 


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