A small group of people that has the power of the entire planet in their hand is in the possession of a device that can destroy continents.

These people control absolute everything; the weather, the oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. Now, the new generations have the privilege to witness the birth of a new civilization.

Last year, Kakinada, the former Japanese finance minister, handed over the control of the Japanese financial system to a very small group of American and European oligarchs. According to many sources, Japan was threatened by an earthquake machine.

According to Alex Collier, Japan will sink, but not because of a natural disaster, but because of a plan schemed by the World’s Government by means of a device that can wipe out entire continents. This is what occurred on 11 March 2011.

After many researches and investigations, earthquakes are produced by shooting a billion-watt microwave into the ionosphere pushing it up into space only then to rebound and provoke earthquakes.

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