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Someone wonders if “their” messages arrived long ago

Someone wonders if "their" messages arrived long ago 31

Some scientists are faced with the most profound questions ever imagined by man, yet without answers…

Someone wonders if the messages


The scientist and philosopher Loren Eiseley, with an almost poetic and lyrical vision in The Immense Journey, asks:

How many dimensions and how many media will life have to go through? How many roads among the stars must man drive in search of the final secret?

He continues:

The conviction is so deep that there must be life out there, beyond the darkness. We think that if they are more advanced than we are, they can find space at any time, perhaps in our generation. Later, contemplating the infinity of time, he wonders if his messages happened to arrive a long time ago, launching himself into the swamp mud of the smoldering coal forests, the brilliant projectile hovering over hissing reptiles and the delicate instruments running without think, without any report.

Beyond human imagination

He writes:

In a universe whose size is beyond human imagination, where our world floats like a speck of dust in the void of night, men grow inconceivably lonely. We examine the time scale and the mechanisms of life itself for omens and signs of the invisible. As the only thinking mammals on the planet – perhaps the only thinking animals in the entire sidereal universe – the burden of consciousness has increased on us. We observe the stars, but the signs are uncertain. We discover the bones of the past and search for our origins.

Eiseley imagins:

Men, finally concerned with the things they build, can sleep in their sleep and dream nightmares, or stay awake while the meteors whisper in green. But nowhere in the world or in a thousand worlds will there be men to share our loneliness. There may be wisdom; there can be power; somewhere in space, large instruments, manipulated by strange and manipulative organs, may face our floating clouds in vain, their owners yearning as we yearn.

Could consciousness exist in the absence of matter?

Andrei Linde, a Russian-American theoretical physicist at Stanford University, who describes our understanding of consciousness today as similar to the role of space-time before Einstein’s theory of relativity, asks:

Is it possible that consciousness can exist on its own, even in the absence of matter, just as gravitational waves, excitations of space, can exist in the absence of protons and electrons? Will it not happen, with the development of science, that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness are inseparably linked?

Echoing Linde, mathematician and physicist Johannes Kleiner, at the Center for Mathematical Philosophy in Munich, Germany, suggests that a mathematically accurate definition of consciousness could mean that the cosmos is steeped in subjective experience.

Little said:

This could be the beginning of a scientific revolution. Why should we think that creatures with brains, like us are the only carriers of consciousness? Electrons can be conscious and have some kind of extremely rudimentary mind.

Eiseley observes:

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The current theory of the expanding universe has made time, as we know it, no longer infinite. If the entire universe was created in a single explosive instant a few billion years ago, there was not enough time for everything to happen, even behind the schools of stars in the outer galaxies. In light of that fact, it is now only conceivable that there is no place in space with a mind superior to ours.

An alert

Eiseley has an evolutionary alert for our time in the Anthropocene, increasingly fragile and feverish:

For the first time in four billion years, a living creature looked at itself and listened with sudden and inexplicable solitude to the whisper of the wind in the reeds of the night. When man becomes greater than nature, nature, which gave birth to us, will respond.



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