Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake gives dev ‘a second chance’

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake gives dev ‘a second chance’

Bluepoint Games has offered fresh insight into the mammoth undertaking of remaking Shadow of the Colossus for PS4 in a new behind-the-scenes video. Here, the studio describes the trials and tribulations that come with revamping the legendary title, admitting it’s given the team a ‘second chance.’

For starters, the developer made a conscious decision not to mess with protagonist Wander’s multiple idiosyncracies, insisting aspects such as remaining still while aiming your weapon and the notoriously ‘heavy’ character moment are ‘very deliberate.’

‘Making the game the way you remember it is the most important mission we have, regardless of everything else,’ commented producer Randall Lowe.

Elsewhere, Marco Thrush, Bluepoint’s president, said that the team has been taking feedback on board from fans on the original game concerning the areas that worked as well as any issues that need to be ironed out. 

‘Originally, as a side effect of the frame rate increase on the PS3 version of Shadow, a mistake was exposed where the third Colossi became more difficult. So, now we’ve had the chance to fix those kinds of things that slipped through initially. It gave us a second chance,’ he said. 

You can find out more on the developer’s thoughts on the game, including how bloody lovely those fur effects are, in the video below.  Shadow of the Colossus is out for PS4 on February 6 and will also feature a dedicated Photo Mode

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