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Secret report to Congress reveals that “Russian fighter jets engaged in dogfights with UFOs & 2 pilots were killed”

Soviet and Russian fighter jets engaged in dogfights with UFOs at least 45 times until 1993 during which two pilots lost their lives!

“They were being hunted down and shot at,” according to Russian secret documents obtained and illegally obtained from Russia by investigative journalist George Knapp.

There were at least 45 engagements by 1993!

These are listed in letters from himself and fellow researcher Jeremy Corbell to the House Oversight Committee ahead of Wednesday’s UFO hearing. 

Both letters revealed by Fox News Digital were placed in the Congressional record, and that in itself says a lot, because it means they are officially accepted for their content by the House of Representatives.

What is surprising, however, is how often they reveal information about so-called UFOs, a subject that in the past could cost even the social existence of a person who would reveal something about it.

Since 1969, our military’s position has been that UFOs do not pose a threat to national security and do not merit further study,” Knapp wrote in his letter. “This dismissive stance is in direct contrast to what has been revealed in documents, reports and internal memos.” 

The two men sat next to Intelligence Community Inspector General spokesman David Grusch, who gave the key testimony about “non-human figures.”

Grusch’s representative held the same position at the Pentagon under Barack Obama. The three men sat directly behind David Grusch, who was flanked by US Navy pilots Ryan Graves and David Fravor during Wednesday’s congressional hearing on UFOs. 

Grusch’s testimony regarding “non-human” “evidence” recovered from UFO crash sites made national and international headlines.

Knapp had been reporting on UFOs since 1987 and had a direct relationship with Senator Harry Reid.

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Meanwhile, Corbell has become a go-to resource for UFO whistleblowers and was identified as essential in organizing witnesses for Wednesday’s historic, bipartisan hearing.

Knapp said he first heard whispers of a UFO crash, “strange materials and reverse-engineered programs being carried out in secret in the Nevada desert by intelligence agents and defense officials,” in 1989.

In his letter to Congress, he revealed Russia’s ten-year UFO study, which he wrote “was probably the largest UFO investigation ever conducted,” which included thousands of case files from interviews with military personnel.

The program director told Knapp about Russian fighter jets fighting UFOs.

“In most incidents, the UFOs were launched at incredible speeds, but in three incidents, Russian warplanes fell prey to decoys and crashed. Two of the pilots were killed,” Knapp wrote in his letter.

After these incidents, the Ministry of Defense issued a nationwide order that the UFOs must be left because, in the words of a top Air Defense official, they “may have incredible retaliatory capabilities.” He brought this information back to the US, but for decades the subject of UFOs and aliens was a taboo subject that could destroy a person’s livelihood and career.

Then the “Tic Tac” UFO, so named for its peculiar shape, occupied David Fravor, retired commander of the Navy’s Black Ace Squadron, in 2004.

He described it as a “giant flying propane tank” that was “far superior to anything we had then, have today, or are going to develop in the next 10-plus years.”

He described the object’s physics-defying maneuvers and lack of propulsion systems and control surfaces such as wings or engines.

Fox News Digital has learned that a 100-plus page scientific analysis for a contracted agency, which identifies the technological details and performance capabilities observed and recorded during the multi-week, multi-vehicle “Tic Tac” series of events, did not has been made available to the public.

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