SANZHI – Give It Up

SANZHI – Give It Up

This project has been shot in Varanasi, India and follows the paths of a kid following the path of the traditional burning process.

SANZHI – Give It Up from Romain Alary on Vimeo.

Director: Antoine Levi
DP: Romain Alary

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Suraya, Dennis, Charlie Trimbur & of course, The Shoes (With a little bit of help from Hervé)
Mastered by Frédéric Labone @GUM


1AC: Etienne Burguy
Producer: Antoine & Romain


Fixer: Raju Verma
Assistant: Golu


Ghat Owner: Suresh YADAV
Mother: JYOTI
Father: BABLU


Editing @ Everest Studio, Paris
Editor: Manuel Coutant

Post production @ Glassworks, Amsterdam
Head of Production Anya Kruzmetra
Production coordinator: Salt Ibraeva
Colorist: Scott Harris
Lead 2d Artist: Kyle Obley


Storyboarder: Younès Jabrane
Intern: Arturo Perez Orts
Titles and artwork: Anna Kiosse, Rich Andrews

Massive thanks to our family and friends for supporting us during this project.

Cast: Romain Alary

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