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Russian experts say they have deciphered the “Wow” alien signal

In relation to a program for the search for extraterrestrial civilizations and the decoding of the cosmic signal “Wow!”, experts on the topic of extraterrestrial contacts, Yuri Grigoryev and Anna Azhazha, told chief editor Inna Novikova how to make contact with alien inhabitants.

Russian experts claim they have deciphered the alien signal

Just ”Wow!

– You have created a program to search for alien civilizations. Tell us about it, please.

AA: The program for the search for extraterrestrial civilizations was not created by us, but by the United States of America. In New York, a SETI-related astrophysics program is underway that is seriously looking for signs of space. Around 400 signals have been received in recent years, but SETI has been unable to decipher them. We discovered that these messages are decrypted not in English, but in Russian.

The most mysterious signal was received in the United States in 1977: it is “Wow!” Using cryptography, we discover its meaning:

  • warning of an impending global catastrophe,
  • a clue that the level of human intelligence does not yet correspond to contacting a more developed civilization.

– The ”Wow !” signal is quite short. How could so much information fit?

Yu. G .: Using small volume cryptography, you can extract a lot of information, such as from an archived file. In addition, the information already at our disposal was linked to this signal.

The main message was the message that humanity is being tested for its ability to maintain contact. Naturally, in 1977 Earthlings failed this test. Since then, the signal has not been deciphered.

We were able to do this only in 2010. Before one of the conferences found the sign “Wow!” and it was actually deciphered in one day. Decryption is still in progress, but the main message is known: a test of communication skills and a warning about an impending disaster, which we have gotten as close to as possible.

– Who received this signal, where was it recorded and where is it located? How does it look? Are they radio waves or something else?

AA.: Yes, waves. Scientists believe that the signal came from the constellation Sagittarius, that is, from the center of our galaxy.

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Yu. G .: The signal was received using a radio telescope at the Ohio University Observatory. Now there is a museum of this signal. The film “Contact” was made on this subject based on the novel by Carl Sagan, who participated in sending a signal to space in Arecibo in 1974.

Russian experts claim they have deciphered the alien signal

Contact movie poster

The answer “Wow!” came in 1977, after just three years. When we presented our work at a scientific conference, our colleagues doubted the results of our study, because scientists believe that an answer should come in no less than 50,000 years.

Did you know about UFOs in the USSR?

– In Soviet times, scientists were involved in secret developments on this subject. Although, of course, such information was not announced. And in Russia today no one is dealing with this problem?

AA .: In the 1960s, research institutes were created out of interest in space issues. Our father, the founder of Soviet ufology, Vladimir Azhazha, spoke often in closed physical and astrophysical institutes.

In the 90s, the center was created UFO, directed by Vladimir Azhazha. My father had close ties to the Soviet army: naval, ground forces, air defense. Sacks of letters came to him from across the Union and from other countries, talking about UFO meetings. These were discs and balls, which influenced the electromagnetic impulses of earth technology, could stop the engines of the machines, influence human consciousness. In the 1990s, books about these meetings were published, conferences were held, but unsuccessful, and the topic UFO was transferred to the genre of the mythology.

In fact, everything that happens on the planet, including the coronavirus epidemic, has a root at its root: the lack of full contact with extraterrestrial worlds. Representatives of another civilization are trying to contact us, but we are not opening the door on our part. They, in turn, cannot open it by force.

Call them, open the door!

“How can we make contact and open the door?” How can we respond?

Yu. G .: In 1974, scientists at the Arecibo Observatory sent a radio signal to the Hercules constellation with information about a person, Earth, technology. This was a request like “if someone is there, reply.”

Russian experts claim they have deciphered the alien signal

The authors of the Arecibo message are the American astronomers Francis Drake and Carl Sagan

Three years later, the answer came. It is logical that now a response is expected from us. At the same time, representatives of another civilization watch how we react: they see us live. And we don’t do anything, we keep calling them green men, we laugh and joke about this.

“What should we do, what do you think?” Send a spaceship?

Yu. G .: No, we just need serious discussion on this topic.

You have to understand that extraterrestrial contact is a natural phenomenon. As a person, sooner or later, leaves the house, he must go beyond the planet.

The problem is that in the territory of the former Soviet Union, less than ten people deal with this problem, of which three or five are in Moscow. When we specifically reached out to these people, they flatly refused to work with the information we provided. Astrophysicists have their own point of view on the signal of extraterrestrial civilizations, and do not consider expert data from other reliable areas.

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