Russia to Open First Sex Robot Brothel in Moscow

Russia to Open First Sex Robot Brothel in Moscow

From Russia with Love? Wait till you read the details..personally found some of it weird and creepy.. not judging, just saying.

via Sputniknews:

Nightlife in the Russian capital may soon take on a new variety with the upcoming opening of the first legal sexbot brothel in the country.

The first Dolls Hotel adult entertainment center featuring sex robots is scheduled to open in downtown Moscow in late April, Inc magazine reports, citing a company representative.

The new establishment is going to operate like a standard hourly rate hotel with a twist: along with renting a room (for a price of about $40 per hour), a customer could also rent a sex doll for the duration of their stay (for a total price of about $80 per hour).

The sex robots employed by the brothel are expected to feature advanced AI, as well as motion systems and heating units allowing them to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

The company representative said that they intend to create a chain of sexbot brothels across Russia and former Soviet republics, along with a sex doll delivery service that would cater to parties and private clients.

He also remarked that establishing such adult entertainment facilities not only helps people legally improve their sexual life, but is also a step towards dealing with societal problems such as forced prostitution.

Sex doll brothels have been established in several European countries, including England, Germany, Holland, Austria and Spain.


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