OG Maco Battling Skin-Eating Disease

OG Maco Battling Skin-Eating Disease

Last night, Atlanta rapper OG Maco, best known for his 2014 viral hit “U Guessed It,” took to Instagram to reveal that he has been suffering from a skin-eating disease for the past few months. He showed photos of huge scabbing on his face and head, which, he says, was caused by improper treatment for “a minor rash.”

“So much healing has occurred thanks to God and my doctors that I’m willing to show all a fraction of what I’ve been going through,” he wrote. “I was improperly treated for a minor rash and ended up with a skin-eating disease for the last few months. This is the best it’s looked. I hope it gives someone hope.”

He continued, “I’ve been going through this alone 90% of the time, without the support of the person I love, without the support of my ‘friends.’ Without anything but my own strength and God.” In a video, he says he’s afraid he might would lose what’s left of his face.

Back in 2016, Maco suffered multiple skull fractures and cracked vertebrae and lost one of his eyes in a car accident. Check out OG Maco’s recent posts below.

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