Native American Elders Predict The End Of The US

Native American Elders Predict The End Of The US

Native American elders have spoken out about prophecies, and the decline humanity is experiencing. They believe that time is ending for the US due to a lost spiritual connection with the Earth.

The arrival of Christopher Columbus Was Start of First World War

Native tribes often talk about the arrival of Christopher Columbus as the beginning of the First World War. This, believe the Native Americans, was a fight that saw humans being turned against Mother Nature. While the exact figures are different depending on the sources, the Elders of Native American tribes say that the Native population dropped from 60 million to around 800,000. This was an attempt at wiping the Native American tribes out from the United States.

In a video, the Elders talked about how the United States is reaching an end as the population has lost a spiritual connection they had with Earth. They also revealed that ancient prophecy predicted the downfall. The Native American Indians have a belief that in order to be able to live peacefully on Earth people have to give more than what they take. They also need to have a relationship with the planet that is symbiotic.

Increase in Natural Disasters Was Seen In a Prophecy

Recently there has been a big increase in natural disasters, and these include flooding and melting ice. The Native American Indians say that all of this was part of a prophecy. This sounds like moving in a negative direction, but it is dependent on how one feels about death and the Native Americans believe that death is only the next stage in evolution.

The video starts with a Native American chief taking about time evolving, and it comes to a place where it will then renew itself. An Indian chief said that we are now coming close to this time. The chief said that there was a prophecy that America would come and go and that the US was at the moment dying due to people having forgotten the instructions of how to live on Earth.

The Native American people believe that they reside on Earth for a short time and then pass on to the spirit world. This world is everything and more real than what people believe according to the Native American Indians. The chief talks about people being from the Earth and when the Earth is corrupted, it affects human beings. As earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters are increasing; the Native Americans believe that the end is coming closer as Earth deteriorates.


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