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NASA’s SDO probe captured a giant UFO emerging from the Sun

A plasma explosion from the Sun’s surface? No, it is more likely that a huge alien spaceship appears to be leaving the sun.

Images recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) – (SDO AIA 171) and uploaded to Helioviewer (solar and heliospheric imaging tool) this week, show a cigar-shaped UFO of truly stunning proportions emerging from the Sun.

In reality there are many different types of alien spaceships and many of them are active around the sun, also because the star is used as a huge stargate.

The Sun creates small eddies called sunspots, which are not the places we think we know, but mirror the typical appearance of a black hole on the surface of the Sun, lasting weeks or months and then closing after a certain period of time.

This black hole is a “window” that opens into space-time, a sort of portal or Stargate through which one can travel to unknown worlds and dimensions, according to researcher and scientist Nassim Haramein, almost once a week it would occur on Sun a particular singularity, (black hole or wormhole) through which aliens or advanced extraterrestrial civilizations try to enter our solar system, exploiting black holes as large as Earth.

Several years ago, a huge alien aircraft was photographed by NASA’s Lasco C2 satellite. On May 29, 2016, the SDI spacecraft had photographed a spacecraft as it fires a beam of light into the sun.

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