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Mysterious noise is heard in Weining, China, more than 10 days ago

Mysterious noise is heard in Weining, China, more than 10 days ago 33

A mysterious noise, which has lasted for more than 10 days, is alarming residents of Weining, Guizhou, China.

Thousands of residents gather in the Chinese province of Guizhou to a mysterious creature that makes creepy sounds like the roar of a dragon.

Locals gather at the top of a mountain in Xuishui, southwest province of China, Guizhou, to hear loud, frightening sounds like a dragon growling.

Local officials even had to establish roadblocks to stop crowds and sent a team of experts to investigate the source of the strange sound.

mysterious noise has been heard in Weining, China, for more than 10 days

People used drones to try to find the source without success. Experts were sent to investigate, but failed to give explanations, just asking people not to panic and return to their normal lives.

According to several people who commented on the Twitter account of Jeffener Zeng:

It really sounds like a whistle or horn, a sound produced when the airflow is obstructed and forced through a small opening, it makes sense, as Guizhou is a place famous for its karst relief, characterized by underground drainage systems with holes and caves.

Although local people tend to mystify natural things, they would know the difference between the sounds of an underground drainage system with drainage holes and whatever it is.

A flow of air being forced through a small opening would be a common activity, and is not worth the time of dozens of people, but the simple gathering of people says that sound is not something natural.

After publishing videos that recorded a frightening roar, some zoologists put forward their own version, claiming that it shouted the Yellow-legged buttonquail.

Mysterious noise is heard in Weining, China, more than 10 days ago 34

The truth is not entirely clear of how this little bird makes a growl so loud, and secondly, its songs are not very similar to what can be heard on eyewitness accounts.

The bird itself, about which the zoologists speak, is no larger than a sparrow, and although it sings during the mating season, it is loud enough, but not so much. Its scream is heard at a distance of no more than 100 meters.

In addition, the locals who have been living in these parts since time immemorial should have known how this “sparrow” is screaming and would not have gathered in thousands to search for the source of this terrible roar.

Local police said they detained at least four residents for spreading rumors on the Internet claiming the sound was a dragon growl.

Well, that’s right, the party said – there’s a bird yelling and there’s nothing to argue, and even quarantine is violated, gathering thousands in the mountains.


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