Movie Mama Watches ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ For The First Time

Movie Mama Watches ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ For The First Time

Starring: Tamara Yajia (and her mom)
Director of Photography: Monica Mejia
Editor: Kia Reghabi
Producer: Dashiell Driscoll

->Why she’s happy?Because she got fucked, Mom.Hi, everyone, I’m Movie Mama.Yes.And we are gonna be watching

“Fifty Shades of Grey.”Yes.Do you wanna say something about it?Every time I wanna be

horny, I can watch that movie.Great, well, join us.

(Mom laughs)No, not yet.We’re one minute in.Not yet, not yet.One minute.Mom, we need to fall in

love with real men. (laughing)With real men?We have pigeons.Dios mio.Dios mio, que calor!AahhhHe wants to tie her in knots, Mom.I never do that.Me neither.NoOh, he’s jealous.I like when he’s, you

know when he’s celoso.Mom, have you only been with one man?Yes.Ugh.(gasps) “Eat me,” “drink me,” please.”Suck me.”(together) UgghhShe needs to quit that job.Wait, it’s coming.I like the way he put the key…Key!It’s like he’s fucking the door.Yeah.Oh, enjoy that.Do you and Dad do that?No, never.But I will ask him.Are you dominant?You know, I don’t know what I am.I know that sometimes I make love.Ohhhhhh!What he’s doing?He’s licking her pussy, Mom.Opa!I don’t like…Why don’t?I don’t love it.Try.I’ve tried.Relax,You have to relax.You have to relax and you will enjoy.What happen with that culo?Please, it’s a little ass!It’s so small.Does dad have a nice ass?It’s okay.Sex is weird.Sex?Do we see his penis at all?No.’Course we don’t.He touch the nipples.She has really big nipples.Yeah, like me.You do?They are pink.Mine are pink and small.Mine are…Yeah yours are not that dark.Mine are, you remember when you,Sucked on them?yes.I don’t remember, but I’m

sure I sucked on them, no?Yeah.You need to go have sex.With Dad, again?No, with someone else.

(Mom laughs)Sorry, Marcos.I love you Dad.I want some spahnky.Hm-hmm!In your butt!Spahnky?Spahnk.Oh, spank! (laughing)Spank, spank!She’s sweating.Like me now.Yeah I’m sweating too.Hah, no, me, it’s the menopause.Please, your menopause was 10 years ago.I still.Mom, you’re a slut. (chuckles)Hah, no I’m not.No I love you, you’re not, you’re-Aye, aye, aye no!Not that bad.No…She has really small boobies.Yeah, like you.I have double Ds, Mom.Double D?My God!Oh!Please, why are you grabbing your ass?Because just in case,I don’t wannaHave you ever had anal sex?No.Really?No.I have.Really?Two times.Aye yai yai!You should try it, it’s fun!Why she’s happy?Because she got fucked, Mom.Mmm.I love you.I love you too.I’m bored.(together) One!Two!Two!Aye, I can’t see.Mom, it’s not that bad.Aye, aye.Three.But she ask him.I know!What happen with people?I’m sorry, she said,Let’s see what’s gonna happen.It ends like that?Happy Mother’s Day!Happy Mother’s Day!What did youOkay, I think after 36 year marriage,You’re gonna ask Dad to spanky?Yeah, I’m gonna ask right now.Let’s be honest, are

you gonna ask tonight?Not tonight.

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