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Michael Salla: the alien fleet has arrived in the solar system

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Michael Salla reports: An alien fleet has arrived in the solar system, according to three independent sources. The spacecraft of a highly evolved group of friendly extraterrestrial guests have already settled on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, according to three independent sources familiar with the unfolding events in deep space.

Michael Salla

These latest reports coincide with William Shatner, internationally revered for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, was launched into space on October 13, which may serve as a cover for his role in the unfolding events on Ganymede.

My first source, J.P., who is currently in the US Army, told me that the International Space Coalition is secretly sending personnel and ships to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. This is done in order to meet with a new influential group of extraterrestrial guests who are considered friendly.

My second source of information on what is currently happening on Ganymede is contactee Elena Danaan, who relayed the latest information from her source in the Galactic Federation, Thor Khan Eredion, about the visitors who are setting up an outpost on Ganymede to coordinate with the Earth Alliance. until humanity is ready for open contact.

My third source is longtime Andromeda contactee Alex Collier, who confirmed that there has been a lot of activity lately on Ganymede, home to a number of large extraterrestrial objects that have been present there for thousands of years.

I start with information from my longtime source, J.P., whom I have known since 2008, when he first contacted me about his experience of extraterrestrial contact in Brazil.

On September 7, J.P. announced that he and other US military personnel had been assigned to covert operations on the moon and began to collect large objects there with the help of aliens in human form working with US Space Command.

In a previous article, I talked about what J.P. talked about US military operations on the moon, which confirm information received from another contactee, Megan Rose, and her source, Val Nek, that the Galactic Federation is building a new base on The moon.

The new lunar base will use safe technologies to prevent the infiltration of hostile aliens from the Draconian Empire and the Orion Alliance.

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On September 21, J.P. first informed me of a large space convoy that left the moon and headed towards Ganymede to meet with an arriving group of friendly aliens. He told me:

Besides, something good is happening. They are transporting some technology from the Moon to Ganymede. Everyone among the soldiers is talking about it. Large space convoy … Somewhere this week or next the convoy leaves. I do not know the exact time of departure. Satellite of the Earth to the satellite of Jupiter.

A large space convoy would not use rocket technology to reach Ganymede, which would have taken over a year. The space convoy will take several times less time if you use anti-gravity, torsion field and other exotic propulsion systems. JP told me the route the Earth Alliance convoy will take: the Moon, then Ganymede … But there will be major stops between the Moon and Jupiter’s moon, both on Mars and in the astrobelt … Before reaching Jupiter’s gravitational pull.

On September 27, JP asked, “From your sources, you know something about the flight to Ganymede. The soldiers are still talking about it … “. I replied, “My sources in the Federation do not talk about Ganymede. Tell me what the soldiers say. ” J.P. continued:

“They’re moving some advanced technology from the moon to the largest moon in our solar system … And when I heard you talk about the Jupiter encounters … I was really interested.

This is the moon, which has a magnetic field and a lot of water … There are already massive objects there. We’re just transporting a shitload of things. There are massive structures …

I remember they said there was a massive war there [on Ganymede] a couple of 1000 years ago … .. All I know is that the armada is heading there … Big big ships.

I have already talked about the encounters on Jupiter, first revealed by Thor Khan through Elena Danaan, and then confirmed by Val Nek through Megan Rose in an interview. One of the confirmations I referred to was NASA’s announcement that SpaceX had chosen the launch vehicle for the Clipper mission to Europa, Ganymede’s sister moon. I assumed that this was the reason for Musk’s participation in the Summit of Jupiter. His presence, as well as the presence of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, were later confirmed by Val Nek.

With this new information from JP, it becomes clearer that NASA’s Europa Clipper mission is a cover for a much larger space operation – an Earth Alliance convoy flight to Ganymede to create the conditions for meeting and interacting with an arriving group of extraterrestrial guests.

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J.P. then met with a human-like alien who told him to prepare for one of the upcoming military missions to Ganymede to meet an arriving group of visitors.

This did not come as a surprise to me, as JP’s recruitment into the US Army was aided by US Special Forces personnel who had helped him several years earlier to photograph anti-gravity spaceships flying near McDill Air Force Base in order to facilitate information disclosure.

On October 4, I asked Elena if she knew anything about “something big … coming into our solar system,” she replied:

I also heard about another great return, about powerful benevolent forces from another dimension and realm. A great power that has always tried to free the mankind of the Earth from slavery. She came back too. A great grand finale awaits us. This brings me to the latest information from Helen [E] from Thor Khan [TH] on October 10, which provides much more information about this upcoming benevolent power and connection with Ganymede:

TH: The Intergalactic Confederation fleet has arrived in this star system. Their ships will be placed around Jupiter for a while, until they move closer to Earth’s orbit. Personnel and logistics are welcome at Ashtar Outpost.

Senior officials stopped at the Council of Five facility on the moon Ganymede. They have come to assess the results of our joint work to eliminate the Dark Alliance and to work with the Galactic Federation of Worlds to chart a course of action for the next step.

Thor Khan’s information here is overwhelming confirmation of what JP previously revealed to me back in September. The Multinational (Earth) Alliance, led by US Space Command, dispatches a large convoy to Ganymede to meet and cooperate with an arriving group of extraterrestrial guests. Tor Han details the growing collaboration between new visitors and the Earth Alliance:

E: What’s the next step?

TH: Establishing a connection with the Space Forces of the Earth and assessing the potential for civilian contact. We usually don’t need their intervention, but we recently asked for their help to secure this timeline. You know, Terra is not like one of these stage 2 or 3 civilizations that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is saving from outside interference. Terra is special. She carries within her the seeds they have planted.

E: Can you tell us about this?

TH: They are our ancestors. They sowed us here on Natara. Terra, like some other places in this galaxy, has long been one of their favorite places for experiments in the development of man and his consciousness. As, for example, on Mana (K62-Lyra). They are sowers.

E: As far as I understand, they are a bunch of different races, right?

TH: Yes, they are very diverse, but not as widely diverse as the life forms they created.

E: How do you “create” life forms?

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TH: By hybridization. This is great fun for them, but there is a serious rationale behind it. They work according to the Source. Of course, they DO NOT create all life forms; it is the creation of the Source; but rather they play with the material, creating hybrid races and populating worlds.

This is an interesting fact as it echoes information provided by several researchers and contactees about the extraterrestrial origin of humanity and how different races have seeded humanity. The oldest mention of such information is found in biblical texts such as the Old Testament, which speaks of the Elohim as the creators of humanity.

Alex Collier claims that the Andromedan aliens told him that humanity is a hybrid species containing the genetics of 22 extraterrestrial civilizations. In his book Defending the Sacred Land, Alex says that Ganymede is being used by the Andromedans as an outpost: “The Andromedans have huge mother ships on Jupiter [and] the moon Ganymede.”

It is therefore possible that this new group that settled on Ganymede is associated with one or more of these 22 civilizations. Elena’s conversation with Thor Khan continued:

TH: They are the highest level of supra-individual consciousness before the Source. Some call them the Nine Gods, others the Nine Prophets of the Source. They do not live in any particular dimension, but without any dimension at all; I mean for you to understand: they inhabit between created universes, in a place where time and space are uncreated.

We call it: Void. Or the Shelter. Their consciousness embraces all consciousnesses. They can fractally divide themselves in order to be present in as many places as they want at the same time, for they do not travel in space or time, but they connect with place and entity when they want to convey a message or act, regardless of distance and time.

For them, time arises only when they connect to the space-time continuum. They are the first children of the Source.

E: Archangels?

TH: Above that. They are pure consciousness, non-embodied, formless, but each possessing its own individual thinking, although connected into a single whole. Nine lips, one heart. They are Nine, they have no other name.

E: Can they sometimes be called the Council of Nine?

TH: Well yes, sometimes. You know there is a huge amount of advice out there. The Nine is an intergalactic council, and you also have the Council of Nine Nataru (this galaxy), which is now the Five. And at the head of the Zena (Andromedians) are also nine elders.

It is worth mentioning here that the first mention of the Council of Nine, with an interest in human affairs, appeared in channeled messages featuring Dr. D.G. Vinoda, who worked with the famous psychiatrist Dr. Andriya Puharich back in 1952. Puharich had several psychics who relayed information about the Council of Nine, including the famous Israeli psychic Uri Geller, and later Phyllis Schlemmer.

Her book One Planet of Choice summarizes 20 years of research and communication with the Council of Nine. It is important to note that Gene Roddenberry attended some of the Council of Nine’s channeling sessions and asked them questions. This inspired him to create the television series Deep Space Nine, where he spoke about a mysterious group of ethereal aliens, whom he called “Prophets”, occupying non-linear time inside a wormhole that instantly connects different parts of our galaxy. What Tor Khan said about the Council of Nine is very reminiscent of the Prophets from Roddenberry’s Deep Space 9:

E: And the Galactic Federation has a 25-member High Council, right?

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TH: 24 plus one, guardian of the law. This one makes the final decision, but this task is solved in turn. The Guardian of the Law is replaced by another councilor every 10 cycles.

E: Based on what cycle?

TH: A fractal of the time cycles of this galaxy.

E: Nine are also coming to our star system now?

TH: (laughs) They don’t need ships to move. Their minds can connect to anywhere. They can take any form, teleport instantly, and materialize in a temporary biological vessel associated with the species they visit. They can turn into anything. Biological forms, elements such as fire, water …

E: Why then did they leave all these events taking place in this star system?

TH: Understand: Nine above all, they are oblivious to the histories of all beings inhabiting these universes, rarely playing a role on an individual level in the balance of things.

Elena then asks about the extraterrestrial organization she calls the Intergalactic Super-Confederation, which she talked about in her latest book, We Never Let You Down. She describes it as an apex intergalactic organization with a higher status than the Council of Nine, the Andromeda Council, the Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, and other extraterrestrial organizations operating locally in our galaxy.

E: You said that Terra is special and dear to the heart of the Intergalactic Super Confederation … by the way, what is it exactly called?

TH: They have their own name, which is on a frequency that cannot be translated into human language. We in Taami call them Ard Oraa Tu, but this is a very weak translation of a multidimensional language based on frequency.

We like to call them “Do,” the Guardians, because that’s what they really do. (Thor Khan here answers my question about the Intergalactic Super Confederation, not the Nine.)

Significantly, US Space Force personnel have decided to call themselves Guardians and are now communicating directly with a group of visitors called Guardians or Prophets.

To summarize, we can say that, according to Thor Khan, the recently arrived extraterrestrial race that entered our solar system and settled on Ganymede is the Intergalactic Super Confederation. She is here to oversee the incredible transition that will take place on Earth and in our solar system, and to liaise with the newly formed Earth Alliance of 14 space powers and companies that met on Jupiter in July.

In addition, Tor Khan reported that the intergalactic Council of Nine, known in our galaxy as the “Prophets” or “Guardians”, has also arrived interdimensionally to observe how events unfold in our solar system.

I spoke with Alex Collier on October 11, and he said that a new group of extraterrestrial visitors did indeed head towards Jupiter and settled on Ganymede to observe the development of events in our solar system. He said that there are huge structures on Ganymede that are many thousands of years old. When I told him about JP’s information about a space convoy heading for Ganymede, Alex said that they were most likely assigned one of the huge objects on Ganymede as a forward operating base.

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On October 13, a very important synchronic event will occur, which confirms the above information. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin spacecraft is slated to launch with William Shatner as one of four astronauts.

According to Elena, Blue Origin’s uniforms are very similar to those of the Earth Alliance personnel interacting with the Galactic Federation and other extraterrestrial groups.

My guess is that the Blue Origin mission on October 13th is a cover for Shatner and three other astronauts traveling secretly to Ganymede to attend the welcoming ceremony for the newly arrived Intergalactic Super Confederation and possibly even the Council of Nine. Shatner is immensely popular all over the world and could be an excellent cultural ambassador for the Earth at first meetings with such an important group of guests. Shatner’s participation in such meetings would also mark the official entry of humanity into the future through the Star Trek program.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there are three independent sources confirming that a powerful new group of aliens arrived in our solar system and settled on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. More than coincidentally, NASA’s Clipper mission to Europa was announced in July, as it is the perfect cover for secretly assembling a large space convoy and sending it to its sister moon Ganymede without raising any suspicions. The large convoy and the development of a human presence on Ganymede at one of the larger facilities there also helps explain the worldwide manpower shortages I talked about earlier.

Finally, the Blue Origin space mission, featuring William Shatner, who has a deep connection to the Star Trek franchise, lends credence to the idea that humanity has officially entered an exciting new phase with a highly evolved group of extraterrestrial visitors portrayed in Deep Space Nine as the Prophets who settled on Ganymede.


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