MARS – NASA censors the images of the “Alien Towers” visible in the Terra Meridiani area

MARS – NASA censors the images of the “Alien Towers” visible in the Terra Meridiani area

Mars is full of surprises and our understanding of this mysterious world grows every day with the help of interesting discoveries like the following. Three artificial towers on Mars would be just another addition to the long list of puzzles that capture sand on our planetary neighbor.

In a recent research carried out on the images of Mars, taken from the Mars Global Surveyor space probe, which was able to map the surface of Mars from 1997 to 2006 before finally losing contact with the NASA-JPL of Pasadena, were found anomalies.

In one of the images of NASA,taken precisely from the MGS probe (Mars Global Surveyor), we can observe mysterious structures of unknown origin . This time the unknown structures are different from the others. What has been found in the area of ​​Mars called “Terra Meridiani”, is something incredible, that is, a series of huge towers that, due to their peculiar characteristics, seem to be of obvious artificial origin. The Martian towers should have an estimated height of about 1000-1500 meters.

It was precisely the researcher Jose Luis Camacho who discovered the enormous towers on the Martian surface. As mentioned above, each of the three towers is almost a mile high. This would be a very impressive architectural enterprise considering that the tallest building on Earth is only half this size. Google used data from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) and its photographic tool.

The specific image showing the towers was captured in 1999, so much could have changed in the nearly two decades since then.

The Martian towers are located in a region known as Terra Meridiani and coincidentally or not, that exact region was chosen as the landing point for NASA’s Rover Curiosity. But when the stakes are literally so high, there is no room for coincidences. Just imagine the rover leaving traces at the base of these towers or the knowledge that could be gathered if a manned mission had ever had the chance to explore whatever the so-called towers.

The position of the towers seems to have been chosen specifically for its equatorial position. It is obvious that the ancient Martians could also count on solar energy, even if they were further from the Sun. And what better place to get sunlight than the equator?

Apart from the surrounding plains, the towers seem to have stood the test of time. This could be considered a testament to the competence of their builders or could even mean that the towers are still in use. It is useless to erect something as majestic as these Martian skyscrapers and then abandon them.

If there is still someone on Mars, this is one of the definitive tests and it is not by chance that NASA has made the images of this area disappear, precisely where the Martian Towers are visible.


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