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Kind Words social network – game and the whole world for good-natured communication

Kind Words social network - game and the whole world for good-natured communication 31

Modern social networks have long been quite toxic places, oversaturated with the vanity of users and the greed of the owners.

People need an alternative that projects like Kind Words can be. This is a cross between a simple game without competitive interest and a social network. It is created for good-natured communication without obligation.

The whole essence of the gameplay of “Good Words” is reflected in the name – here is an ascetic interface, and the basic function is to compose messages to other people. You can write a letter “into the void”, open your soul and throw out an emotional impulse, but not the fact that they will answer it. Negativity and provocation are stopped in the bud, but requests for help and answers to them are only welcome.

As an example, there are a lot of letters from young people who anonymously ask for help in solving various everyday situations. It’s a shame to say the same thing in reality, and who exactly to ask? Here, there will always be those who talk about personal experience, share information, simply cheer up. However, users do not compete in the speed of response, their messages are not evaluated at all, and overall activity does not bring any points and dividends – this is a game without rivals.

The main difference between “Good Words” from the usual social networks in the absence of obligations. Nobody forces to answer messages, there is no responsibility for words, time and actions of the user are not fixed, he himself remains anonymous and plays as much as he likes. Because of this, it is unrealistic to make friends in Kind Words, but there are no rivals, no competition. And the only purely entertaining moment is the collection of stickers attached to individual words in order to decorate the game interface with their help.


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