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Japan’s Ministry of Defense prepares reporting process for UFO encounters

Photo: AP

Tokyo (Japan) – In response to the US Department of Defense’s official release of three UFO videos, Defense Secretary Taro Kono said his department will now also issue a procedure for reporting sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) by members of the country’s defense forces.

Interim Minister of Defense of Japan, Taro Kono, against the background of the flag of the Japan Self-Defense Force.
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As the Japanese daily “The Asahi Shimbun“ reports, Kono talked to a press conference on April 28, 2020, in response to the images officially released by the Pentagon the day before and classified as authentic and still classified as“ unidentified ”by the Pentagon…

At the same time, the defense minister also tried to make it clear that he himself did not believe in the existence of UFOs and that Japan has no record of such encounters.

However, the procedure now envisaged is to prepare the armed forces for the corresponding incidents.

To that end, his ministry will work with the Japan Self-Defense Forces (SDF).

Kono said:

If we are able to film a UFO encounter and document this incident, a report should also be created. We want to develop an official procedure to prepare for an encounter with a UFO.

They also wanted to consult their American colleagues and get more analytical results from the three videos posted.

Since February 2018, the Japanese government has officially declared that it was unaware of official evidence of the existence of UFOs, had no “emergency plans for an alien invasion” (sic.) And had no plans to investigate such sightings.

In fact, Japan’s official UFO language regulation also contradicts the numerous reports by its own military personnel about encounters with unidentified flying objects

Background: UFOs over Japan

Whether of extraterrestrial origin or not – unidentified flying objects have been and are still being seen in Japan. In his 2010 book, entitled “A True Archive: UFO sightings by Japanese Air Force Self-Defense Pilots“, The former general of the Japanese Air Force, Mamoru Sato, gathered countless observations and experiences of pilots and military personnel.

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– In addition to the numerous personal sightings by Sato that dominate the book, the author cites, among other things, the sighting of former naval admiral Sumihiko Kawamura, who in 1968 commanded an anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft, a P2V-7, at Base of the Shimofusa Air Force, near Tokyo. As he flew over the Pacific, his onboard radar located an unknown flying object directly in front of him. As Kawamura’s plane was in the clouds, he had no direct eye contact and therefore decided to make an abrupt and evasive move to avoid a collision. From that moment on, the object was gone and no longer visible. As there were no follow-up problems, Kawamura decided not to officially report the incident.

– In 1981, F-15 fighter pilot Tetsuo Higaki observed a bright light over the Chinese sea for up to three minutes, which, however, could not be located neither by radar nor by ground stations.

– On April 1, 1981, two jet pilots noticed a “dark spot” standing in the sky, which only started to move when the F-1 aircraft approached and then it disappeared at extreme speed. In this case too, the object could not be detected by radar.

– A cigar-shaped object was spotted in 1983 by soldiers from the “Matsushima Air Base” in Miyagi Province, in the northern Pacific. Soon after the first eye contact, according to Sato’s witness, there were problems with the on-board electronics and the aircraft’s control systems. With the sudden disappearance of the object, the problems on board the aircraft are said to have disappeared. A verification of the technology by the ground crew found no fault with the machine. In this particular case, the authorities involved would have really covered it up because the problems with the type of aircraft manufactured by Japan itself were kept secret.

– Although Sato himself has never seen a UFO, former Major Noboru Funatsuki claims to have found an unidentified flying object three times. Early in his pilot’s career, he saw two UFOs while on board a T-2 training aircraft. Among them was a bright white object in the shape of a sphere that was traveling at a speed of almost Mach 8-10, but was not located by radar on the ground, but was said to have been spotted by six other pilots. In another case, it was a “white-red dot in the sky” above the Matsushima Air Force base that is said to have not moved for an hour.

– Funatsuki also confirms that several civilian pilots have seen UFOs, but these sightings are rarely reported to airlines, much less to authorities.

Sato points out that the Japanese government does not collect UFO reports. He considers this a risk for the defense of the Japanese state, because, after all, not all Japanese UFOs are actually flying objects unidentified in the sense of objects of exotic origin.

Hot spots

The land of the rising sun seems to be abuzz with UFO sightings, with a “twinkling green orb” reported in the skies over Niigata in November 2017, “ten white spheres” flying over Osaka in July 2015, and “mysterious lights” reported by dozens of people over Okinawa in January 2014.

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In September 2009, Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of then Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, was featured in several headlines in the news when a book was published claiming to have had an alien experience 20 years ago.

“While my body was asleep, I think my soul was taken by a triangular UFO and went to Venus. It was a very beautiful and green place, “she wrote. Her husband would have tried to convince her that it was probably a dream.



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