How to tell if a girl likes you: 12 clear signs!

How to tell if a girl likes you: 12 clear signs!

Hey guys, let’s get this out first. Yes, it’s hard to tell if a woman likes you.

For one, women are such complicated beings! They can be sweet now and then can get quiet after 5 minutes.

They say blame it on the moods and hormones (wink). So,

…did you experience being dropped like a hot potato?

…did you feel they like you but got disappointed?

…did you think your feelings were reciprocated but got “friend zoned” instead?

Ring any bells?

Now, don’t worry because I’ve listed obvious signs below to know if a woman likes you.

But if you have doubts about me, let me tell you I’m a woman myself. Trust me, I know what I’m saying.

So, here are 12 clues if a woman likes you, from a woman’s POV:

1. She looks at you

If a woman likes you, she will end up watching you a lot. Think of it as an involuntary action – she can’t help herself.

So, if you look at her and catch her staring at you, then that’s a good sign. What’s better is if she will smile at you when your eyes meet.

But because women are in conflict with themselves, another sign is avoiding looking at you. She’ll literally avoid your gaze because she doesn’t want to be too obvious that she likes you.

2. She looks for you

If you know each other, then you will be able to notice that she will look for you when she knows you will be around.

When your eyes meet, she could act one of two ways. She could act happy when she catches your stare or she could be shy and drop her gaze as if she didn’t see you.

The next time you’re in a situation where both of you will be in the same room, watch to see if her eyes seek you out when she arrives.

Even if she doesn’t talk to you, the fact she’s checking to see if you’re there is a very good sign. It means she wants you there.

3. She starts treating you differently

This only applies if you’ve known her for a while. If you’ve been friends and she’s suddenly developed feelings for you, there will always be a change in her behavior towards you.

For example, if you had quite an affectionate relationship before and she suddenly avoids touching you then something’s probably up. This is especially true if you can see that she is treating you differently compared to other guy friends she has.

She may stop being too friendly because in her heart she wants more than just being friends.

What she really wants to be is your girlfriend but she’s worried about how you might react if you’ll know she likes you. She thinks her feelings will be rejected or she’s ruining a perfectly good friendship.

4. She will reply to your messages immediately

Generally, if a girl likes you, she will message you back pretty quickly. No need to wait for several hours, not unless she’s doing something very important.

But for some reasons, a girl might be feigning disinterest. In this case, she won’t reply immediately because she doesn’t want to seem like the ‘keen’ one.

What you can do is try texting her simple and caring messages. When she decides to drop her wall, you will know she likes you. She will become more receptive and sooner, she will message you first.

5. She seems fidgety

Remember the day when you first met her and said hi. Did she get a little tongue-tied? Did she struggle to come up with topics of conversation?

You will know when she likes you because she acts a little bit nervous and awkward if she’s the shy type of a person.

If she’s confident enough, she will still feel a little awkward so check out the little things like how she greets you. Is she unsure how to greet you?

The thing is, if a woman likes you, she’ll have butterflies in her stomach. Because we are emotional creatures, this feeling will stop our brain from functioning for a while.

For sure, initial nerves are a sure sign she’s interested.

6. She touches you from time to time

Not all girls are the same so this sign varies from woman to woman. But generally, if she’s into you, she’ll find ways to touch you, even if they’re only small gestures.

She will touch your arm or playfully slap you (not the i-hate-you-slap) and that’s good. It’s a deliberate attempt to flirt with you in her own way.

7. She makes plans with you

For a girl, it is frustrating to part ways with a guy especially if there’s no clear idea when she will see you again.

If she doesn’t like you, she will make you think she’s very busy and cannot be disturbed. But if she likes you, she will tell you a definite date or time to meet you again.

If she does, make sure you take her offer. You don’t know the amount of courage she mustered just to tell you when you will meet next time.

If you don’t grab the opportunity, she might think you’re not interested in meeting up again and go off the boil.

8. Her friends behave differently when you’re around

If a girl likes you, her friend will know.

Women have this special bond with their friends. They will have girl talks and will chatter on about their crushes and the boys they like.

So if she likes you, watch if her friends are acting differently with you. They may be too silent or you will find them sharing glances with each other.

They could also try to find excuses to leave you behind or give knowing smiles. These little hints will reflect that they know she likes you.

9. She laughs and smiles with you

If you know your jokes are so corny but she still finds them funny, either she got a bad taste of humor or she really likes you.

Being around a guy that we like will generally make us happy. It will put us in a good mood so watch if being with you makes her very giggly.

10. She blushes

Some girls, especially the shy ones, easily blush when you say or do something they like. It doesn’t always mean they’re embarrassed, sometimes it is because they’re excited and nervous at the same time.

The next time you flirt with her and see her blushing and giving you a shy smile, it’s a sign that she may be hiding real feelings for you.

11. She preens

If a girl likes you, it’s normal that she will want to look attractive when you’re around. You may or may not see this as she may try to act discreet but it includes checking her hair, touching up her makeup, and adjusting her clothes before talking to you.

There are also actions that will tell you she likes you. One is frequent tucking of her hair behind her ear while you talk to her.

Other signs can be subtle like twirling her hair and biting her lips. It means she’s a little too worried about looking attractive for you.

12. She adds you on your social media accounts

Women today are like investigators and “stalkers” (not the bad kind, although there are some bad fruits in the basket).

If she likes you, she will add you on your social media account to get to know you more. She will look if you’re single and find common ground like what your hobbies are.

Sometimes, a girl may add you on social media because she wants to give you the opportunity to talk to her in her own way. Liking you photos or commenting on your status is a good way to striking up a conversation.

In Conclusion…

Not every girl will give you the signs above because everyone is different. You may or may not be able to figure out if she likes you.

Heck, you might even make some faux pas in the process.

But if you will treat her right, either you will earn a girlfriend if she likes you or a good acquaintance if she doesn’t see you as boyfriend material.

No matter where it leads, rest assured you will be remembered as a gentleman, which is rare these days. Who knows? Your behavior might change her mind and feelings about you.

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