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Hibernated magician: The mystery with the 1,000 Year Old Mummy Found in Iran

This unbelievable discovery was made quite by accident in 2008 and for sure, should have been classified, but leaked thanks to some media. It happened in Kurdistan, Iran and Kurds are rather closed to the world, at least to the Western world. Although this discovery was not widely publicized, we find out what was published in the Russian press.

Accidental Find

The discovery happened during work, when they dug the earth to lay the foundation of the house.

Then a mausoleum with three coffins appeared. After deeper excavations in the layer of the earth, the remains of an ancient civilization and the ruins of the city were discovered. Archaeologists have determined that the monument and the city were built between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago. 

This date was quickly revised by the Islamic authorities after publication in the Russian press. Iranian authorities have publicly stated that the ruins were 850 years old, which maybe not true.

Age Of The Sarcophagus And The Decoration Of The King

Of the three sarcophagi found in the mausoleum, we have only video evidence of two.
We do not know anything about the third, nor about its content, nor about who was inside. As you can see, it is very difficult to determine the height of a person from the video, although it seems not at all small. Both seem to be in a state of suspended animation. 

One of them bears a crown, which suggests that he was the ruler of the city. (King of the Anunnaki?) He was buried, as you can see, along with his sorcerer which leads to the conclusion that the third sarcophagus was supposed to contain his wife Reina. Gold coins are placed in the eyes of the king, which is a well-established ancient habit. This is the first blow to the official lie that the ruins date back to the 12th century. 

You can see that he has Caucasian features. But, what about the copper skin ?! The second individual sarcophagus has the same characteristics.

It looks like they are adorned with gold and precious stones. These ornaments carry cuneiform script that cannot be identified. But it was translated, giving the name of the second person found in the second sarcophagus. 

As you might expect, his sorcerer is “by profession.” It seems that the royal sarcophagus is covered with gold or similar metal. And next to the monarch, you can see a golden box. Inlaid with strange gems, just like those found on the king’s jewelry. 

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This is considered odd because they appear to be luminescent. Is this really the first real evidence of knowledge holders? Are these pre-Flood creatures associated with humans? Or directly related to the development of human civilization? Or is it just another fake that was created for the number of views on the Internet?

One of them is Radomir the Magician

As it turned out, one of the three mysterious persons is not a mummy, but sleeps in deep hibernation. He can be woken up and contacted. Telepathic contact with him has already been established, his name is Rodomir. He is waiting to be awakened, and is ready to assist our civilization in solving fateful issues on the eve of major earthly cataclysms. 

One of the most famous Moscow mediums warned that if people with bad intentions looked at a sleeping person, they could die. Later it happened. Two of the three workers who entered the mausoleum and who, apparently, had bad intentions, died on the spot in an incomprehensible way to the people around them, the third fell in a deep coma and delirious, says that they were attacked by a huge snake.

Information about the place of the find is still kept in strict confidence. The books found contain information not only about the culture and past of the peoples of the Earth, but also about the technologies that our ancestors used. 

According to legend, the world will be possible to change for the better only after the awakening of all 4 magicians, and Radomir is just one of them. Scientists have not yet been able to find out where the rest are buried, however, according to researchers of inexplicable phenomena, this moment is not so important, because the fate of humanity has long been a foregone conclusion, which means that all important events will occur in due time.

Egyptian Find In 1956

Surprisingly, this is not the first time we have seen a video that allegedly depicts ancient mummies excavated by the Russians. While most of them are certainly hoaxes, some are truly fascinating and intriguing. 

Remains of a mummified alien discovered in Egypt by Soviet troops. It is believed that back in 1956, the Russian military launched a project called ISIS. In order to obtain highly classified documents and technologies of aliens. 

Numerous Egyptologists from the USSR / Russian Academy of Sciences, scientists and military specialists participated in the ISIS project.

The group was chaired by Sami Sharaf, a close aide to Egyptian President Gamel Abdel Nasser.

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The video is said to display the mummified remains of an ancient alien astronaut, but its authenticity cannot be proven.

Sci-Fi forensic experts who analyzed the video confirmed its authenticity.


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